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12 best stewardship quotes and commentary about God, people, horses, dogs, and stuff

12 Stewardship Quotes – God, People, Critters, and Stuff

Ask any horse or dog to describe the greatest gift and you’ll get the same answer; a forever home and the love of someone special. But that’s not always possible. Trainers welcome horses into their barns and send them home. Foster children move in and move on. Lives, health, and financial circumstances change. Whether a horse, child, or automobile stays

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Woman hugging horse with mutual affection. Use these 7 Simple Rules to be successful with horses and create the relationship you dream of.

7 Simple Rules for Success with A Horse

You’re dressed, enthused, and toddle out to spend time with your adorable mare. She meets you at the gate and the magic begins. Everything is beautiful until the record player begins to slow and the music becomes distorted. When Perfection Doesn’t Happen If you’ve spent more than a week with a horse you know what I mean. Something’s off. What

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The Right Question to Ask Your Horse

Too many horse owners issue ultimatums to their horses without knowing it. They demand, insist, and retaliate when their horse doesn’t do what they want. The price is usually paid by horses with no voice in the negotiation. There isn’t always a right answer Jumping courses are often referred to as a series of questions. The horse and rider answer

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How Horses Define Commitment

When people ask me what I do to transform a horse I answer, “Whatever it takes.” “How long does it take?” “As long as it takes.” I withhold nothing.  My definition of commitment is “no matter what.” There are no deal breakers or excuses.  Anything you promise must be delivered. One of the greatest skills I’ve learned over the past

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Saying Goodbye From This Side of Rainbow Bridge

A sob is stuck between my chest and throat. Unmoving, reminding me that someone is no longer in the barn. Everyone loses loved ones, two-legged and four. At the moment I don’t know if it’s better to get the news from the veterinarian or live every second of the story in first person. I’ve done it both ways. Being notified

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release of pressure peace horse Christian

From Pressure to Perfect Peace – Horses and Christians

Horses learn from the release of pressure, when intrusions into their experiential space disappear by an action the horse controls. Imagine your horse responding to nothing but your thought, the ultimate result of the soft yield to a rein, leg, or rope. Perfect peace is equal parts habit and relationship. Faith builds when the results are instantaneous and consistent. Every

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Quit Comparing Yourself to Others – Focus on the Positive

  How many of you have ever stood on a horse’s back? This picture caught my attention because I can’t do this. The problem isn’t my horses, they’d let me stand on them. I’m the roadblock. “It’s me, I’m the guilty person, the reason my horses aren’t in photos like this one.” It’s easy to compare ourselves to others, usually

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Do Animals Go to Heaven?

Is the Rainbow Bridge something real or a myth than makes losing a loved one easier to bear? The book I’ve always wanted to write (but couldn’t) would answer two very important questions: What happens to animals after they die? Will our most beloved pets be waiting for us on the other side? I’ve researched the issue and prayed about

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