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“If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” — John 14:15

Why Passion Fades – Horsemanship and Discipleship Failure

Why aren’t students satisfied with their trainers? How can trainers better serve their students and horses? Why do folks church-hop, failing to set down roots and grow? Why causes horsemanship and discipleship failure? This article presents a scenario and suggestions for frustrated horse folks followed by the parallel for churches. Countless horse folks share their passion for horses with newcomers.

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horse communication

Is it ever okay for your horse to say “No”?

Your Response Checklist What precisely did your horse say No to? Are you sure you asked for something rather than making it optional? Does your horse understand what you asked for and what Yes looks like to you? Is your horse 100% able to do as you asked? Is your horse 100% willing to do as you asked? Are you

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Outrageous behavior in Dogs and Horses

  Some days I wonder if the ones I love (especially dogs and horses) have lost their minds. They behave in outrageous ways that shock or mystify. My usual first response is to ask, “What were you thinking?!?” (I usually wait for an answer.) The lesson I’ve returned to most frequently over decades pursuing relationship with horses and Christ Jesus is

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