Love Jesus? Love Horses?

God is gracious. Generous. And wastes nothing. I can’t imagine any greater joy than spending much of my life teaching and learning from horses. It proves that sometimes dreams come true — and are a LOT of work!

Are you a horse geek, too? Horse geeks love to talk shop – anything and everything remotely related to horses and our passion for them.

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  • World and National Champion trainer and breeder
  • Certified Applied Whole Horse Hoof Care Trimmer (2018)
  • Former show judge US and Europe
  • Best-selling author of the Gospel Horse Series
  • Certified Equine Appraiser (not taking new cases at this time)
  • Lifetime Member American Quarter Horse Association
  • Lifetime Member Appaloosa Horse Club

Transformative relationship with a horse is possible if you know how to offer it and are committed to do whatever it takes to achieve it. The definition of Christian is, “new creation in Christ.” You aren’t more than you were before the Holy Spirit moved in. You’re different than you were.

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Trimming Bo. Yes, that’s his tongue.

Something similar is possible with horses. The Gospel Horse series teaches readers how horses think and process information. Regardless of breed, you can transform your horse into a willing equine partner.

You need two things, (1) ability and (2) commitment. I can’t help you with commitment, but I can try to help you become more able.

Few joys surpass gathering together with like-minded folks; the people who get us, who understand what makes us tick and know how we feel without explanation. If your favorite topics of conversation or greatest challenges involve relationship with Christ Jesus or horses, this is the place for you.

Our horses Journey and Ace hang on my every move and expression, while steady campaigners like Bo (one of the amazing grays) and Asti patiently and contentedly wait their turn.

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Since we’re being totally transparent, Bo is lazy and happy to do nothing as long as his role as herd leader is secure. Asti doesn’t need a lot of attention, yet appreciates being treated like a princess.

Obstacle challenge at Hearts Desire Ministry.

Journey was rescued from a kill pen after something in his experience nearly destroyed his natural sense of self-preservation. I specialized in young stallions for years and “fixed” lots of horse issues.

Journey was the most dangerous horse I ever worked with. Eighteen month later he is one of the most delightful; and there’s still lots of journey ahead. Journey proves that the biggest sinners, once truly saved, become some of the greatest saints.

We sold Ace as a happy balanced coming-yearling and he returned to us nine years later with dissociative psychotic episodes. Life isn’t always kind to horses or people. But God has a way to heal breaks and wounds no matter how deep.


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Success is found in the simple gospel message of Jesus Christ. Properly applying simple gospel principles creates transformative relationship between you and your horse that builds faith as it banishes fear.

Many of us are searchers. Searchers for the best way to communicate, care for, and create remarkable partnerships with our horses. Learn how using simple gospel principles builds amazing relationships with God and horses using Lynn’s books in a place and time most convenient for you.