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We're here to make disciples and bring the kingdom of God to earth. My mission is to promote personal relationship with Jesus Christ. You CAN live a life of peace, power, and purpose!

Everything is simple, personal, and about Jesus Christ.

Power is Personal

After 50 years in business, with 35 as a leadership and relationship expert, I know that relationships determine both your success and sense of fulfillment. Everything is personal because God is personal. It’s easy to hide behind social media, automated landing pages, and online worship, but the result is often disappointing.

The most powerful human motivator is emotion, with fear coming in near the top of that list. The greatest remedies for fear are faith and community, both of which depend on relationship. In another word, discipleship.

My career was mostly creating programs or businesses that didn’t already exist or calming individual or organizational tornadoes. Like you, God called me to serve in this season of radical revival and immense spiritual power.

I serve Him by serving you.

If you’re not delighted with the quality and direction you’re going, the reason will likely be found in relationships. Maybe even the one you have with yourself.

I love to connect. Drop me a note or ask a question.

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What Folks Say About Lynn

"Lynn has a gift for asking questions that crack the window and let in the light. I appreciate so much that she didn’t do the heavy lifting for me but let me piece things together in a way that made sense to me so that I could lift myself out of a dim and confusing place." 
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"I've never heard what I thought were complex biblical concepts expressed so simply."
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"Lynn has no hidden agenda and shares everything she knows without requiring me to do anything but answer questions and make simple decisions. It's brought clarity, shifted my thinking in positive ways, and I don't stress as much."
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Reviving the World, One Step At A Time

Obstacles—The Building Blocks Of Excellence

Everyone comes to life and new projects with both assets and liabilities, things you can build on and challenges or habits you must overcome or abandon. Skinned knees and bruised egos are the building blocks of excellence, and education always has a price.

The richest lives constantly cycle from highs to lows and from scarcity to abundance. The richest lives are those refined by the Lord, suffering the crucible before rejoicing in transformation.

I’m a serial entrepreneur. From business consulting to horse training and ministry to authorship. I know that every obstacle hides a blessing, and I love humor. Especially if telling a story on myself lightens a moment or generates laughter. 

How may I serve you?

Sharing Skills, Encouragement, and Community

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