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Lynn is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling Christian author, success coach, and retired World and National champion horse breeder and trainer. She coaches the called to achieve God's vision for their lives.

"All business is personal."

Lynn Baber author success coach Christian

Obstacles—The Building Blocks Of Excellence

Everyone comes to life and new projects with both assets and liabilities, things you can build on and challenges or habits you must overcome or abandon. Skinned knees and bruised egos are the building blocks of excellence, and education always has a price.

The richest lives constantly cycle from highs to lows and from scarcity to abundance. The richest lives are those refined by the Lord, suffering the crucible before rejoicing in transformation.

I’m a serial entrepreneur. From business consulting to horse training and ministry to authorship. I know that every obstacle hides a blessing, and I love humor. Especially if telling a story on myself lightens a moment or generates laughter. 

God's plan for you is to Change the World

When you learn to lean into God’s plan, purpose, and power, bad days disappear. I learned how to:

  • Overcome a challenging childhood and its effects
  • Set actionable goals and achieve them
  • Lead, follow, and mentor other leaders
  • Submit and trust everything to the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Publish six #1 Amazon best-sellers
  • Earn a horse’s focus, obedience, and complete trust


God had a plan for me and has one for you, too. One of my joys is helping others walk out the purpose and vision God has just for them.

How may I serve you?

Lynn Baber author success coach faith-based

Life Lessons

Drama is overrated.

Horses are never wrong.

Feelings are always real.

No one knows what they don’t know.

Excuses kill progress.

You can’t fool God.

Never quit. 

Every promise of Christ is true.

The King is coming back.

Be ready.

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