Meet Lynn

Serving Christian entrepreneurs, authors, and horse owners

Lynn is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling Christian author, speaker, coach, and retired World and National champion horse breeder and trainer. Using her C.A.S.T. system, she coaches the called to achieve God's purpose.

"All business is personal."

Everyone comes to life and new projects with both assets and liabilities, things we can build on and challenges or habits we must overcome or abandon. Skinned knees and bruised egos are the building blocks of excellence, and education always has a price —money, time, or pain.

The richest lives constantly cycle from highs to lows, from sadness to joy, and from scarcity to abundance. I love coffee and 90% dark chocolate, though sometimes physical pain persuades me to back off. I’ve been an athlete and also disabled. The richest lives are those refined by the Lord, suffering the crucible before rejoicing in transformation.

I’m a self-taught entrepreneur, from business to horse training and ministry to authorship. That doesn’t mean I didn’t benefit from many wonderful teachers, but every success came the same way; by launching, failing on my face, then figuring out what needed to change and doing it. I cashed my first payroll check in 1970 and lucked into management at the tender age of nineteen.

I know that every obstacle hides a blessing, and I love humor. Especially if telling a story on myself lightens a moment or generates laughter. 

Lynn’s passion is helping others discover and activate the unique spark of power, authority, and talent God placed in them.

The more income streams a business has the more financial stability it enjoys. The more sources of joy you have in life, the less likely you’ll ever have a bad day.

I learned how to:

  • Overcome a challenging childhood and its effect on early adulthood
  • Set actionable goals and achieve them
  • Get knocked down, regroup, and get back on course
  • Walk (more than once)
  • Succeed in corporate America
  • Lead, follow, and mentor other leaders
  • Submit and trust the Lord Jesus Christ with everything
  • Become a multiple best-selling author
  • Earn a horse’s focus, obedience, and complete trust
  • Love the entrepreneurial challenge


My resume is pretty good for one reason: God had a plan for me. He has one for you, too. One of my joys is helping others walk out the purpose and vision God has just for them. The cherry on the top of my lifestyle sundae is that I have great partners,  the Holy Spirit and my husband.

How may I serve you?


Life Lessons

Drama is overrated.

Horses are never wrong.

Feelings are always real.

No one knows what they don’t know.

Excuses kill progress.

You can’t fool God.

Never quit. 

Every promise of Christ is true.

The King is coming back.

Be ready.

Blessed beyond imagination as a child of the King of Kings, Lynn works to pass hers along to others by sharing the clear message written in God’s word.

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