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Nothing is more important than your personal relationship with God. Encouraging believers to seek and see God’s hand in their life while enjoying rich community life is Lynn’s greatest joy and personal ministry. Professionally, Lynn Baber is a resource, coach, and encourager to kingdom leaders when they need clarity, a new plan of action, or Bible-based objectivity when relationships or results hit a rough place.


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4 Pillars (Huge Points) of Success for Kingdom Leaders — Part 1

Thank you for visiting. I’d like to  honor you by offering value instead of just telling you who I am. In this video I share two of the four pillars — the huge points  — of success as a kingdom leader. To keep this video short (16 minutes) I only cover the first two huge points. No email sign up or strings attached for Part 1, just click on the video.

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Imagine knowing God so intimately that you recognize His footfall, whisper, or touch. God is an up-close and personal God who is present and wants to be known. God Dots are the mile markers, street signs, and billboards God uses to guide and keep you moving on the journey He has for you. 

Relationships Determine Success

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What Clients Are Saying

Simple Gospel Principles

Leadership is about connection. Do you want people to show up, offer you their attention, and when they ask for your counsel they don’t immediately shop six other “experts”?

Horses (especially stallions) taught me the secrets to earning their attention and freely offered obedience. In return I became a World and National Champion trainer and breeder.

Relationship determines success. Worthy leadership is earned. Whether your audience is human or equine, the principles are the same because they stand on the Gospel.

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Tips, resources, and shared stories. Connecting the heart of God to the heart of a horse.


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Receiving and taking action on God's vision for you. Refining and working within your call and giftings.


The engine that powers everything is commitment. A concept that doesn't mean what it used to.

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