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“Nothing is exempt from Biblical stewardship. It’s time to act as if Jesus were coming back any minute, because if you don't live with urgency, you'll live in apathy."

What is biblical stewardship?

One day, every person will meet the Lord Jesus Christ face to face. In that moment, He’ll say one of two things:

“Well done, good and faithful servant.”, or

“Depart from Me, I never knew you.”

Which one you hear rests on biblical stewardship. How do you invest scarce resources of time, energy, and cash? What about knowledge or what’s required of you as a citizen? There is nothing over which Jesus doesn’t declare, “Mine.” There is no compartmentalization or excuse. Everything we have was given to us and our Master expects us to do His business until He returns. 

Faithful Stewardship

"In the beginning, God..."

The first four words of Genesis challenge us with our first and most important decision. Do we believe that God was “in the beginning” and is who He says He is?

Come near to Me, hear this: I have not spoken in secret from the beginning; From the time that it was, I was there.”—Isaiah 48:16

Does your spouse (child, friend) really know you? Does he or she know what makes your heart sing, choose gifts that affirm your quirky personality, and scrupulously avoid doing the one thing that irritates your last nerve? Knowing about someone may not be enough to support a lasting relationship if the knowledge doesn’t inspire action.

When it comes to your most important relationship, are you sure you understand how God wants you to know Him?

Rapture Ready—Knowing God His Way

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There Are No Coincidences

God is present with you every moment and wants you to know it. I call the intimate signs He gives to each of us God Dots

The #1 reason you don’t recognize God’s hand or voice is distraction. Busyness is a frequent culprit, because it fractures your concentration to let all that isn’t God take center stage. Satan will do anything to keep your attention diverted from the Father.

God Dots help to explain your past and present. They encourage, correct, empower, and provide warning. God wastes nothing. You’re here for a purpose.

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Enrich Relationships

Relationships determine success. Everything is personal because God is personal.

Pursue Your Purpose

Understand and act on God's vision for your life. Refine and work within your call and giftings.

Christian Living

Live in the world, not of the world. Affirm simple faith, truth, and polish your spiritual armor.

Gospel Horse

Tips, lessons, and shared stories. Connect the heart of God to the heart of a horse.

As the Spirit Moves—Simple Encouraging Messages

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Leadership Power

Walk your talk. Live your copy.

Leadership is about connection. Horses (especially stallions) taught me the secret to earning attention and receiving freely-offered obedience using simple gospel principles. Worthy leaders are consistent, authentic, and core-deep.

Every outstanding leader is worthy of the faith his or her followers place in them. Faith is not an irrational emotion, but something that is built upon practical, physical, and tangible experiences. A promise made is a promise kept. 

Everyone you work with must be able to trust you. The gold-standard of leadership currency is trust. If you act with integrity as a living example of your Core Values, you’ll earn a reputation for being honest and trustworthy.

  • Leadership is personal.
  • Everything is personal.
  • God is personal.

Servant Leadership Excellence—7 Required Traits

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What Folks Say About Lynn

"Lynn has a gift for asking questions that crack the window and let in the light. I appreciate so much that she didn’t do the heavy lifting for me but let me piece things together in a way that made sense to me so that I could lift myself out of a dim and confusing place." 
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"I've never heard what I thought were complex biblical concepts expressed so simply."
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"Lynn has no hidden agenda and shares everything she knows without requiring me to do anything but answer questions and make simple decisions. It's brought clarity, shifted my thinking in positive ways, and I don't stress as much."
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