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Do You Live With Peace, Power, and Purpose?

Lynn promotes personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Imagine how bold you’d be if Jesus stood beside you every day. What could hurt you, tempt you, or terrorize you with Him by your side? The world without Jesus is dark and menacing, but that’s not the world you live in. 

Too many believers don’t enjoy the peace, power, and purpose Jesus promises. Lynn provides resources, teaching, and encouragement to all Christ-followers through books, articles, teaching, and 1:1 conversation.

Lynn Baber’s 50-year career winds from Corporate America (accounting to marketing) to business consultant, motivational speaker to equine industry professional, and ministry founder to six time best-selling author.

As a behaviorist, which means that Lynn works in the arena of what IS instead of simply what COULD BE, she learned that “heart”, the desire to succeed, always trumps ability without passion. Sometime God’s greatest gift isn’t great talent, but a big WHY.

From her years training stallions to speaking before an audience of 1,000 business people, Lynn’s messages are encouraging, action-oriented, and intended to move people forward into peace, power, and purpose.

What Folks Say About Lynn

"Lynn has a gift for asking questions that crack the window and let in the light. I appreciate so much that she didn’t do the heavy lifting for me but let me piece things together in a way that made sense to me so that I could lift myself out of a dim and confusing place." 
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"I've never heard what I thought were complex biblical concepts expressed so simply."
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"Lynn has no hidden agenda and shares everything she knows without requiring me to do anything but answer questions and make simple decisions. It's brought clarity, shifted my thinking in positive ways, and I don't stress as much."
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Feeling stuck? A short video message from Lynn.

When you’re not moving forward something inside says, “I must do something! How can I get off of stuck?” This short message from Lynn Baber offers two instantly actionable steps to move closer to Mission Accomplished, no matter what’s holding you back.

(Recorded as Facebook Live.)

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Miracles and messages from God aren’t reserved for a select few, but for all. Grab the full 20-minute audio book introduction. Begin to see and hear God today! Amazon #1 best-seller.

Your FIRST Step!

Core Values establish the what, why, and how of what you do. They’re REQUIRED for trusted relationships and consistent success.  Use this resource to revisit or refine your Core Values.

How to Get a YES!

20,000+ downloads. Learn how to inspire action, agreement, and connection with family, colleagues, or clients by unleashing the power of questions. Amazon #1 best-seller

Revival happens one step at a time.

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Leadership Power

Walk your talk. Live your copy.

Leadership is about connection. The strength of leadership depends on which power source you connect with. Mine is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Horses (especially stallions) taught me the secret to earning attention and freely offered obedience. Worthy leaders are simple, authentic, and core-deep.

Whether your audience is human or equine, the principles are the same because they stand on simple Gospel principles.

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Personal and professional support or resources for pastors and other kingdom-minded leaders.

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Tips, training, and resources for Christian authors or entrepreneurs to help begin or grow their business.


Tips, resources, and shared stories. Connecting the heart of God to the heart of a horse.


Living Christian in a pagan world. To affirm faith, truth, and polish your spiritual armor.


Receiving and taking action on God's vision for you. Refining and working within your call and giftings.


The engine that powers everything is commitment. A concept that doesn't mean what it used to.

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