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Tips, resources, and articles for horse owners, trainers, and everyone who recognizes the unique and precious gift that is the horse. Great resource materials for owners, equine ministries and Cowboy Churches.

Constructive vs. Destructive Criticism

Let’s be honest, who seeks criticism eagerly? My first reaction to someone who tells me I don’t live up to her standards isn’t a warm fuzzy unless I asked for her opinion. “You should NEVER wear that color!” Okay, thank you, but I like this color. Constructive criticism might be beneficial, but only when used with wisdom and love. Frankly,

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10 Ways to Transform Criticism into Encouragement

No horse is perfect in human terms and no horse is junk. There’s something wonderful about every horse, every kid, and every person. People of great character speak in positive terms. They concentrate on what’s possible, not what isn’t; intentionally finding ways to encourage others. Rather than criticize, folks we admire and trust take care to correct, suggest, and encourage.

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Make Horse Training Easy and Simple

Best Horse Training Tip in One 2-Minute Lesson

Ask 20 horse trainers what they believe is the most important principle of horse training and you’ll get between 12 and 20 answers. What differs among the experts is how they initiate communication and establish relationship. Horses Respond to Simple and Easy This is my best two-minute summation about fabulous relationship with horses: Whatever you ask, make it easy and

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Womans legs with sneakers out car window enjoying summer

5 Tips to Successfully Negotiate Life Seasons

Spring is a memory, Summer is middle-aged, and Autumn is trying to stick its foot in the door. Changing seasons offer promise and blessing, gain and loss, and remind us that flexibility isn’t just for kids. Perseverance, humor, and grit are required to manage changing life seasons. I’ve grown to appreciate flip-flops and slip-ons, but still have more pairs of

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woman touching faces with horse . reset your relationship with your horse

One-Step Relationship Reset with Your Horse

I sat across the table from a woman who loves her horses but isn’t getting the results she hoped for. She’s invested time, cash, and emotion in volunteering and lessons, trying to bond with her equine family. My heart filled with joy because I knew something wonderful was about to happen. When talking shop with horse owners, I often hear

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Are You Easy to Obey?

There is a direct correlation between the ease of a request and the odds of obedience. Obedience is a gift. When a horse or person obeys you, which emotion is most likely to show up, gratification or gratitude? I know, sometimes the emotion is more like shock. “Hey, Josh, would you go find your little sister?” Your often oblivious fourteen-year-old

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The Consequences of Change You Didn’t See Coming

I did not cuss. Sometimes the unexpected consequences of change HURT. Last Wednesday evening I worked nineteen-year-old Ace indoors on a longeline, encouraging him to express himself physically and emotionally. Last summer, after eight years of keeping every promise I made, special-needs Ace finally committed to our relationship. He loves attention but isn’t one to crave work for its own

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How to Enjoy Your Horse More

Enjoy your horse by setting realistic expectations. No horse knows it all, does it all, and performs perfectly every time you saddle up. I live with horses because I love them. Maybe you’ve noticed that perfection and love mix about as well as oil and water. Knit-picking isn’t fun. It’s tedious and annoying. Who would you rather spend the day

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