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Overwhelmed? A Message Most of Us Need to Hear

Once a year I sit myself down for a serious talk about the same two things. Each year distractions foil my resolve to master two simple concepts. The first is simplify. The second is — Slow down! If you have one mega-calorie nutrition bar capable of sustaining life for three weeks, would you eat it all at once or portion it

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Duty is a Good Thing as Long as You Give Equal Time to Joy

You know what it’s like to act from a sense of duty; it’s expected, something you have to do it to maintain your “good person” status. Looking in the mirror would be a bit uncomfortable if you don’t do what you believe you ought. Duty has it’s place – as long as joy gets equal time. Sometimes, unexpectedly, duty delivers

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The Truth About Change – Faith and Worry Don’t Socialize

Jesus makes it perfectly clear that Faith and Worry don’t keep company. Faith usually chooses Joy as a dancing partner. Worry never leads and looks to Temptation or Distraction for a good time. Change happens; managing it well is a faith process. My husband and I are getting older. So are you. So is everyone. Some just start sooner. We

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Rethinking the Use of Pressure in Horse Training

For the first time, Journey backed with impulsion and perfect form yesterday. Woo-hoo! It’s hard to believe we rescued him almost three years ago because some lessons came s-l-o-w-l-y. His success yesterday was like a piece of birthday cake. (I love cake.) A moment worth savoring. It also led me to reconsider the use of pressure in horse training. Journey’s

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Pretty Doesn’t Ride

  Pretty alone doesn’t ride. What what matters most in relationship isn’t seen with the eye. Pretty isn’t a reliable indicator of ability, heart, character, or trainability.  Neither is a great hip, but it’s a better bet than an attractive head if you want to do most of the funner things with horses. Gallop across meadows. Chase cows. Climb mountains. Run

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Every Horse Trainer is Guilty of This

  The quickest way to turn a willing horse into a sour horse is by asking him to do something he can’t one time too many. The result is a pissy resistant horse. Horse trainers have the same human failings you do, falling into the trap of thinking we’re always right. Whether routinely or rarely, every trainer is guilty of

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Choose Teachers Wisely – Horses and Faith

It takes a horse to train a horse. Not too difficult a concept, right? A horse is one thing every horse trainer needs – no exceptions. Yet many people spend endless hours searching out the latest greatest training methods or resources from intellectuals, not practitioners. Some people love to learn but aren’t as keen on doing. If you plan to

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Learning About Christian Character from a Horse

  Everyone is wonderful some of the time. Few people are delightful all the time. Authentic character is expressed in hard times, not days of leisure. It’s easy to be kind and agreeable when circumstances are kind and agreeable. If you’re a student of Christian character, horses make marvelous instructors. When in doubt about genuine or feigned character traits, just

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