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Tips, resources, and articles for horse owners, trainers, and everyone who recognizes the unique and precious gift that is the horse. Great resource materials for owners, equine ministries and Cowboy Churches.

Leadership – Horsemanship – Discipleship

I’ve been a leadership junkie for decades. Transitioning from corporate America, consulting, and motivational speaking to horse training wasn’t as difficult as it may seem at first blush, because the rules for success were the same. The move from the horse industry to ministry was a bit more complicated, but I’ve discovered that the method Jesus used to “train up”

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Girl in red jacket touching horses with her eyes close The Breath of Horse Crazy book covers

Meet the Ladies of “The Breath of Horse Crazy”

     Each one brings a unique history and perspective to her dream and life with horses. Maybe one of the stories triggered a memory, touched your heart, or suggests an answer to a question that won’t go away. You are welcome to contact any of them through the links on an individual page or through this website.    

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Decreasing Human Fear and Diminishing Spook in Horses

Guest post by Samantha Harvey, Alternative Horsemanship Horses have tugged at the heartstrings of the human race for centuries. There is something awe inspiring about the emotional connection we share with horses.  That idyllic partnership is far easier imagined than experienced, with unexpected challenges and steep learning curves along the way. For many women, time with their horse is used

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Peacock butterfly red, purple, and yellow on delicate spring flowers. Importance of patience with horses and children.

Never Quit – The Fruit of Patience

It’s lovely when talent is obvious and the path to success rapid and predictable. Lovely, but rare. More of us are tempted to quit when plans don’t pan out rather than refill our patience tank. Before giving up, let me tell you about an equine quitter I encountered and how it worked out. The worst horse to train is the

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horse trailer training horse getting into open trailer using ramp

Horses- Simple Trailer Loading

Annie asked if she could bring her mare over for a trailer-loading session. Getting Cassidy, her three-year-old mare, into a trailer was an irritating exercise in frustration. The only way to get her in reliably was to create a chute at the back of an open stock trailer and then push her stubborn ample butt in. The little bay mare

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Perspective – Deciding Which Horse Expert is Right

Late one Sunday afternoon there was a hesitant knock on our glass-paned back door. One of the dressage trainer’s students stood outside. Two dressage trainers used my facility as their base of operations and I cared for all the horses. On Sunday afternoons, I was often the only one around because I lived there. Everyone else had the day off,

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Horses – The Finger of Faith

One beautiful Phoenix morning I left the ranch to pick up a new horse. Her owner wanted her fit and shown in halter class. After a few minutes working with the well-bred yearling filly, she loaded in the trailer and I chatted with her owner for a few minutes before heading home.  She asked me, “When are you going to

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communication with horse pony grazing while little boy sits in grass after leaving the saddle

Communication Snafus with Your Horse

Would you agree that communication snafus are the cause of many, if not most, disagreements? My husband and I agree on almost everything, but words don’t always mean precisely the same thing to both of us. Sometimes we look at each other blankly, unsure how to clarify what we mean. Before we got engaged we agreed that nothing was more

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