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Quit Rewarding Your Horse for Sitting Back When Tied

Trapped is trapped, whether caused by a halter and lead rope or the jaws of a mountain lion. Pulling back when hard-tied can be a life and death issue for your horse. What surprises some folks is that horses pull back because they get rewarded for it.   The reward is freedom. Every time a horse sits back and escapes

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horse come when called

If Offered Freedom, Will My Horses Come Back

The first time I turned our horses out into the grass pastures at our Texas ranch I wondered, “Will they come back?“ Most of the relationship (training) work I do with horses is at liberty, meaning they don’t have to participate if they don’t want to. I want to earn a horse’s attention and deserve his willingness. Liberty work sometimes

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horse frustration gray horse and rider on a background of lemon turning frustration into something sweet

Horse Frustration – Turning Sour Rides into Lemonade

Sometimes a horse’s honesty is hard to deal with, especially when the message is that my teaching ability stinks like 3-day-old fish. It’s easy to feel like a failure, or worse, blame the horse for a less-than stellar lesson. That was yesterday, one fabulous lesson followed by two sour puckerish rides. It was tempting to feel frustrated or believe that

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horse bite

Why Horses Bite and How to Respond

  Horse have powerful jaws designed to rip and tear. Horses that bite are dangerous. Owners know that, but don’t know what to do about it. Biting is a symptom of a different problem. Respect plays a part, but so is helping your horse build confidence and security. In answer to a reader’s inquiry about a biting issue I identified

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Lame Horses – Confusing Familiar with Normal and Crooked with Straight

“The best way to prove that a stick is crooked is to set a straight one beside it. No words need to be spoken.” – A.W. Tozer So TRUE! I’m guilty of confusing familiarity with normality. In my mind, a horse with physical or other issues can slowly go from abnormal to normal, from crooked to “straight for him.” He’s

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woman touching faces with horse . reset your relationship with your horse

Miraculous Relationship – Jesus and Horses

Animals see you. The real you. They read your spirit, your intentions, and know your heart. As a child I trusted animals and sought their company. Growing up, I took a stake in the heart on the few occasions an animal didn’t immediately fall in love with me. Critters were my safe place, my comfort zone, my friends, my family.

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Freedom – Round Pen and Liberty Work with Horses

Relationships always have a beginning and progress much like a dance, the continuing process of action and reaction. A round pen is like a chance meeting – once eyes meet something significant happens or an opportunity is lost. How eyes meet sets the tone for the rest of the interaction. If someone held your head and forced you to look

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Inconsistent Horse Behavior – Multiple Personality Disorder?

  Is your horse an obedient and devoted pony at home but a total space cadet at shows or on the trail?  Does your confident game-playing round pen partner morph into a strange monster when you saddle up to ride? Does your horse show up every day exactly the same as you left him the day before? Lots of horse

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