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3 Ways to Manage Horses that Pull Back When Tied

Every trainer and clinician is asked for advice about handling horses that sit back when they’re tied. It’s a universal problem because there isn’t a perfect answer. This article presents three ways to manage horses who pull back. If you canvass equine experts, you get two basic responses, one that makes sense and one that’s regrettable if you love your

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Why Your Spooky or Balky Horse May Not Really Be Afraid

It’s not nice to tattle, but I’m gonna do it anyway. My horse, Journey, is such a goof that I had to share it with you. For no apparent reason he balked on his first real trail ride, so I’m tattling on him. Shockingly, I had the presence of mind to take a couple of pictures (which seldom happens.) Read

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Encourage Your Horse to Disconnect – (You Read that Right)

  The first thing I teach a horse is that he isn’t the center of my world and that it’s perfectly fine to ignore me. I see hands going up all over the place, “You WANT your horse to ignore you? That doesn’t make sense.” Some folks believe horses touch them to connect, perhaps an invitation to hug or play.

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7 Ways Obstacles and Challenges Improve Your Life

  I love obstacles. Sometimes we think of obstacles as bad and challenges as good. I tend to think they’re one and the same. What makes one good or bad isn’t in the details, but how we choose to respond. The idea of a daily routine is laughable, few of my days are carbon copies of another. I’ve often wondered

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10 Benefits of Using Walk Poles With Horses

10 Benefits of Using Walk Poles with Horses

I have a love/hate relationship with ground poles. They’re amazing tools to improve horse and rider skills and they’re fun! Repeatedly riding around an arena gets boring for me and my horses, potentially creating the bad habit of sloppiness or lack of precision. I love how ground poles break the monotony, making lessons more profitable and enjoyable. What I hate

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“55 Corrective Exercises for Horses” by Jec Ballou

  This may be my favorite book review ever. The product is fabulous and the possibilities it suggests endless. Horse geeks won’t be able to help themselves – but the true value of how-to books is whether or not they deliver. This one does, which is important when dealing with residual physical issues from an alligator attack. (You read that

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Excellence Begins at the Bottom

You are what you do. (most.) The way to achieve excellence is making small changes and consistently building on them. Every great thing rests on a series of tiny things done until they create habit; muscle, spiritual, or obedience habit. When trouble comes, habit rules the day. Some folks believe they’ll step up in a big crisis, that something held in reserve will miraculously appear. Crises don’t make us better, they reveal our habits.

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Finding Soul Rest When Someone Pushes Your Buttons, Even if it’s a Horse

There are times in relationship when you must step back. Get hold of yourself. Return accusatory eyes from whomever is bugging you to the mirror – and settle. Horses push your buttons. Like people. Sometimes it’s purposeful, but usually it’s an emotional reaction to what’s happening. Handling frustration well is critical to the health of relationships. I seldom exercise emotionalism,

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