1900,1950, today. The battle for the soul of the USA continues. Family matters.

Nothing of great value is ever acquired easily. Chambers begins dramatically, rolls into a sloughy middle, then ends with profound statements of truth that will hit home with all who seek reason about God’s truth.

Chambers informs. Shocks. Connects dots you didn’t know were related.

“Witness” speaks about politics, commitment, human failings and successes, and puts an horrific face on the trouble facing our nation today. As in all societal upheavals, those with real power are few and they seek to protect the shroud of secrecy that hides their very existence from the multitudes they wish to control.

A brilliant light shines from the pages when Chambers shares how love for family powered the difficult choices he made. He loved his wife. He wanted children. He loved his family, loved the land, loved God’s plan and could no longer live in a community that rejected everything he found precious in life.

Christians will revel in the profound observances of this man who stands as a faithful witness of the emotional and spiritual battles encountered in his pursuit of unity with God and the salvation of a nation. Citizens are well-served to study the cautionary (true) tale woven into these 800 pages.

The lesson learned in 1948 is still relevant today. Perhaps that is the real take away from the book — that so few remember the lesson learned in the middle of the past century. Readers will be shocked to learn how deep within our highest levels of government the enemy lived – and may live today.

The similarity between the time of Whittaker Chambers and the present is uncanny. Who knows if good is good or evil? Is evil really evil, or good in disguise?

It’s timely. The pace changeable. It takes commitment to finish. But the value is there.

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