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Best-selling Christian author, World and National Champion horse breeder and trainer. Lover of simple things, being a daughter of the King of Kings, and sharing this amazing journey with other women of a “certain age.”

Transition – When Ends Become New Beginnings

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After seven years in ministry, 2017 was ridiculously busy and eventful, learning to be an independent author. I studied. Failed. Succeeded. And started off in at least six different directions, each with a new manuscript. By summer I felt like a spinning wheel. Each new beginning seemed like the one God intended for me. Until the next one. What God…


A Legacy of Words – Do you invest wisely?

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Broken arm or broken heart? Popular sentiment disagrees on which is preferable. Old-timers remember, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” The opposite sentiment is a social media staple, “I’d rather be hurt physically than emotionally. You can put a band-aid on a wound, but it’s harder to heal a broken heart.” Personal experience…


“The 25 Days of Christmas Family Devotional” – The Gift of a Faithful Family

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Guest post from author Ruth O’Neil. Advent is a time of preparation. The Christmas Advent begins four Sundays before Christmas. Many families, especially those with young children, have Advent calendars. Each day the children get to open a door, receive a little gift, or remove an object in the countdown for and in anticipation of Christmas. “As a small gift…


Urgent Warning to Folks on the Fence – Satan Owns It

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Evil uses whatever excuse is convenient to justify its actions. Satan is an equal opportunity deceiver. What’s hot in the news? Murder of innocents in a Texas church and accusations of sexual misconduct. Whether you’re liberal, conservative, faithful or faithless — someone in your camp is being accused. Sexual misconduct is ancient, so I won’t bore you with more on that. Mass…


“Plain and Simple – A Woman’s Journey to the Amish” by Sue Bender

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Serendipity is another word for God-wink. Sometimes I need to turn my thinker off. Reaching for a light bedtime read, I found Sue Bender’s 1991 book in my Kindle library. I don’t know when I got it, but I’m grateful. God is good – all the time. Reclining on plumped pillows, I began reading – and didn’t stop until I…


Simplicity Note #13 – Common Sense

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Today is Halloween. The only reason I mention it is figuring out if the number 13 is significant or not. My vote is “not”, but it is Halloween. Common sense isn’t sense common to everyone, but having sense about common things. I’ve been sharing this quote for thirty-five years. I no longer remember who said it first, but it was…


“Ephemeral” by Andie Andrews

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Few books grab me as Ephemeral did. If I didn’t know the author I might not have read it. It’s (mostly) fiction, which isn’t my usual genre. I qualified that because it’s impossible to imagine the nuance of relationship between a woman and her forever horse without personal experience. Ephemeral is entertaining, challenging, devastating, and victorious. Andie has the horse experience….


Aging Well – Embracing Change and Freedom

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Notice anything different in the video thumbnail? I’m sharing my news! I believe in celebration. My husband and I can find a reason to celebrate every day. There’s always something to get pumped about. Sure, some days it takes a minute to figure out what’s worth celebrating. But those days are rare. We make a second pot of coffee and…


“The Practice of the Presence of God – For Modern Day Moms” by Megan La Follett

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La Follett engagingly shares Brother Lawrence’s timeless truths with (sometimes) raw transparency – encouraging and loving all who serve on the front lines of motherhood. If you believe in eating dessert first, begin with Megan’s Letter #5.  A few months ago I was one of six authors participating in an international video conference. In this group, accents (foreign to Texas)…