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Best-selling Christian author, World and National Champion horse breeder and trainer. Lover of simple things, being a daughter of the King of Kings, and sharing this amazing journey with other women of a "certain age."

Effective Teaching and Preaching – Be Like Mama Bear, Not Papa or Baby Bear

Victorious Christian Living By October 7, 2018 Tags: , , , , , , , No Comments

The children’s story of The Three Bears offers valuable insight to preachers and teachers. Occasionally I leave a conversation berating myself, “Why didn’t I shut up sooner?” Sometimes I’m on the other end of an unending lecture, listening past my point of interest. Exceptional listening skills guide how you both hear and speak. People who ask brilliant questions are often more…


Excellence Always Begins at the Bottom

Horses and Owners, Victorious Christian Living By September 29, 2018 Tags: , , , , , , , No Comments

You are what you do (most.) The way to achieve excellence is making the right tiny changes and consistently build on them. I confess. I had a trainer uniform and a judging uniform. They didn’t match my everyday work wardrobe. I trained people wearing crisp jeans, cowboy boots, tucked in shirt, trophy buckle, and cowboy hat. I judged wearing pressed chinos…


Finding Soul Rest When Someone Pushes Your Buttons, Even if it’s a Horse

Horses and Owners By September 26, 2018 Tags: , , , , , No Comments

There are times in relationship when you must step back. Get hold of yourself. Return accusatory eyes from whomever is bugging you to the mirror – and settle. Handling frustration well is critical to the health of relationships. Horses push your buttons. Like people. Sometimes it’s purposeful, but usually it’s an emotional reaction to what’s happening. I seldom exercise emotionalism,…


Overwhelmed? A Message Most of Us Need to Hear

Horses and Owners, Victorious Christian Living By September 21, 2018 Tags: , , , , No Comments

Once a year I sit myself down for a serious talk about the same two things. Each year distractions foil my resolve to master two simple concepts. The first is simplify. The second is — Slow down! If you have one mega-calorie nutrition bar capable of sustaining life for three weeks, would you eat it all at once or portion it…


Duty is a Good Thing as Long as You Give Equal Time to Joy

Horses and Owners, Victorious Christian Living By September 4, 2018 Tags: , , , , , , , , No Comments

You know what it’s like to make a duty call. It’s expected. It may even be contractual. You have to do it to maintain your “good person” status. Duty has it’s place – as long as joy gets equal time. Revelation is the unexpected intrusion of external thought or insight. These are mountain-top moments that decorate our lives like candles…


The Truth About Change – Faith and Worry Don’t Socialize

Horses and Owners, Victorious Christian Living By August 30, 2018 Tags: , , , , , No Comments

Jesus makes it perfectly clear that Faith and Worry don’t keep company. Faith usually chooses Joy as a dancing partner. Worry never leads and looks to Temptation or Distraction for a good time. My husband and I are getting older. So are you. So is everyone. Some just start sooner. We look into the future knowing we can’t maintain our…


Transforming Evils into Bouquets: Posy-Plucking

Victorious Christian Living By July 21, 2018 Tags: , , , , , , No Comments

Ring-a-round the Rosie, A pocketful of posies… I pick bouquets of posies several times a day. You’ll note from the photo that my posies aren’t soft, fragrant, or belong anywhere near my pocket. Ouch! I’d love to rarely see them; discovery an unusual occurrence. Never would be better. Little evils sneak in no matter how hard you work to eliminate…


Chasing Tribulation, or How I Got Bucked Off My Treadmill

Horses and Owners, Victorious Christian Living By July 18, 2018 Tags: , , , , , , , , No Comments

Most of you understand bucking. Lots of horse folks know what it’s like to look up from the ground wondering, “What happened? I walk on the treadmill every day without incident. Until last Monday. One moment I was upright and the next I lay crumpled on our garage’s cement floor. The first sign something was amiss was the unexpected noise…


The Doer of Good

Book Reviews, Victorious Christian Living By July 18, 2018 Tags: , , , , , , No Comments

There isn’t enough time to do all I want or read every wonderful word composed by great minds and hearts. I’m up to my second rib in a new manuscript, working to say more with fewer words. This short story by Oscar Wilde popped up in my research and blew me away. So, of course, I wanted to share it…


Are You Content?

Victorious Christian Living By July 7, 2018 Tags: , , , , , , , No Comments

My arena is growing. The process is disruptive, time-consuming, expensive, frustrating, and exciting. Part of the old fence is gone and the new location is marked. Change is constant. Being content amid change is a gift of grace. Contentment is owning where you are. More certain than taxes is change. Today is not a carbon copy of yesterday. “Groundhog Day”…