Miracles and Messages From God Are For Everyone

“God Dots mark the moments when the Lord steps out of heaven to establish, confirm, or obstruct your path.”

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What's A God Dot?

Lynn Baber

Imagine your peace and soul rest if Jesus walked beside you every day. Or the strength of security knowing the Holy Spirit’s power is available.  God is always present and wants you to recognize His intimate presence in your life and know you aren’t here by chance or accident.

God Dots bless, inform, and guide you. They reveal where you are, you’ve been, and when ordered together, they offer a glimpse of what He has for you going forward.

But blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear.

—Matthew 13:16

What Readers Say

It is WONDERFUL and I feel it will impress so many believers who don’t know how to “go all the way” into a relationship with God, to start listening, looking and learning. I truly feel that it is directly from God.
Alyse Lo Bianco
Author of "Morning meditations"
It was hard for me to put it down! It is no longer black and white because I really marked a lot with my yellow highlighter! My God Dots are still popping up daily!
Shirley Cockerell Cook
hearts desire ministry
The noise of the world can steal our focus from the up-close, intimate God who wants to be seen and heard every day. THE GOD DOT offers hope, habit, and a powerful path to soul rest for followers of Jesus Christ burdened by doubt, anxiety, or powerlessness.
Kary Oberbrunner
Wall Street Journal & USA Today bestselling author, CEO of Igniting Souls Publishing Agency
The author’s transparency about the way God uses past experiences and choices offers hope to Christ-followers still suffering or burdened by unhealed wounds or life purpose not yet tapped into. The God Dot offers readers the opportunity to transform brokenness or loss into power, blessing, and bright hope for what lies ahead. 
Niccie Kliegl
Niccie Kliegl CEO of Fulfill Your Legacy Author of The Legacy Series

Spiritual Markers of God's Divine and Constant Presence

You pray, read your Bible, and maybe even teach, yet you want more. God Dots are signs of God’s presence in your life. They’re unique to each person, unexpected, and come for at least a dozen different reasons. He wants you to see and hear evidence that He’s an up-close and personal God, not one who only does spot checks on the welfare of His beloved children.

From the miraculous to the mundane, The God Dot shows you how God reached into your life in the past, how He appears today, and connects the pieces that never made sense.

What You'll Discover in THE GOD DOT

These intimate signs of God’s presence in your life deliver everything from affirmation to warning. 

  • How to identify the five voices that compete for your attention and which one offers truth, soul rest, and abounding faith.
  • How to walk with a personal God who wants you to see and hear Him.
  • How to view your past with a new perspective that heals open wounds or unresolved relationships.
  • Why you get distracted and how to take back control.
  • How to identify, collect, and organize God’s markers. 
  • See how God reached into your life in the past, how He appears today, and connect the pieces that never made sense.

Even when you feel abandoned, you are not. From the miraculous to the mundane, The God Dot offers a richer, deeper life of joy, peace, and purpose by helping you discover, recognize, and document the markers of God’s active presence in everyday life.