" ... a spiritual awakening for many."

The God Dot book cover

What's A God Dot?

Lynn Baber

Imagine your peace and soul rest if Jesus walked beside you every day. Or the strength of security knowing the Holy Spirit’s power is available.  God is always present and wants you to recognize His intimate presence in your life and know you aren’t here by chance or accident.

God Dots bless, inform, and guide you. They reveal where you are, you’ve been, and when ordered together, they offer a glimpse of what He has for you going forward.

But blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear.

—Matthew 13:16

Awaken to Soul Rest, Purpose, and Hope

KARY OBERBRUNNER — WSJ and USA Today Best-selling author

“The noise of the world can steal our focus from the up-close, intimate God who wants to be seen and heard every day. THE GOD DOT offers hope, habit, and a powerful path to soul rest for followers of Jesus Christ burdened by doubt, anxiety, or powerlessness.”

IN GOD'S EYES you're one-of-a-kind. THE GOD DOT is about you.

Dots reflect the Dot Creator whose powerful, personal vision and purpose prompted Him to bring you onto the stage. There are no duplicates, do-overs, or reused identities. God is the Master Innovator and the King of Unique. The dreams and ideas within you are there by design, to bring God’s kingdom to earth.

NICCIE KLEIGL — CEO of Fulfill Your Legacy

“The author’s transparency about the way God uses past experiences and choices offers hope to Christ-followers still suffering or burdened by unhealed wounds or life purpose not yet tapped into. THE GOD DOT offers readers the opportunity to transform brokenness or loss into power, blessing, and bight hope for what lies ahead.”

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More About The Book

Those “God thing” moments you’ve noticed in the past are not coincidences.

God Dots mark the moments when God reaches into your life to let you know that He’s not some far away Deity, but an up-close and personal Lord. You’re here because God has a plan for you. He is the Master Innovator, with no reused identities or do-overs. You are unique in design, purpose, and identity.

By sharing scripture and revealing personal stories of rejection, rebellion, and redemption, THE GOD DOT helps you:

  • Discover how to “go all the way” in your relationship with God.
  • Believe that miracles and messages from God aren’t reserved for a select few, but for all who expect to see His hand in action, including you.
  • To walk intimately with a personal God who knows your every thought, wants to heal every hurt, and deliver the power and peace of Christ.
  • To see past experiences with a new perspective that heals open wounds or unresolved relationships.
  • To recognize the ways the Enemy steals your focus away from God by distraction and how to take back control.
  • Begin to recognize, collect, and organize your own God Dots to bring revival to your soul, live in peaceful power, and to walk intimately with the Lord.

Even when you feel abandoned, you are not. From the miraculous to the mundane, THE GOD DOT shows readers how God reached into their lives in the past, how He appears today, and how dots connect the pieces that never made sense before.

A richer, deeper life of joy, peace, and purpose is yours when you discover how to recognize and document the markers of God’s active presence in everyday life. One reader describes THE GOD DOT  as “a spiritual awakening.”

Even when you aren’t faithful, He is.There are no coincidences. There is God. Do you want to begin seeing and hearing Him every day? Begin looking for and expecting to see God Dots.

What Readers Say

It is WONDERFUL and I feel it will impress so many believers who don’t know how to “go all the way” into a relationship with God, to start listening, looking and learning. I truly feel that it is directly from God.
Alyse Lo Bianco
Author of "Morning meditations"
It was hard for me to put it down! My copy of "The God Dot" is no longer black and white because I really marked a lot with my yellow highlighter! My God Dots are still popping up daily!
Shirley Cockerell Cook
hearts desire ministry