Why I Believe That YOU Are An Overcomer


It’s been said that 80% of success is just showing up. I second that. The most important characteristic of overcomers is persistence. The next is the hope that change is possible. I believe you have what it takes to be an overcomer.

Here’s why.

But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26


Since you’re reading this, you’re probably an overcomer. I say that because you took action to get here. This post didn’t fly in your front door, nest in your hair overnight, patiently wait while you snored, then shock you when you looked in the bathroom mirror this morning.

“What is that???”

Overcomers Are Doers

That didn’t happen. This message didn’t find you, you found it. Which means you were looking for something. Even if it wasn’t a message about staying the course or believing in things you can’t see, you were doing, acting, seeking, pursuing.

Overcomers are doers. When we’re not certain how to be, we move. Shake the sand off our sandals and go or try something else.

You’re here. Check your shoes. Are they covered in sand or kinda on the cleaner side?

That’s what I thought.

Endurance Happens in Days, Minutes, and Seconds

Endurance is a day-by-day or even minute-by-minute decision. I remember moments of excruciating pain when constant conversation with Christ ticked off one second at a time because that was all I could bear.

And the pain passed. Eventually.

In times like these, showing up is critical. I was there, but needed help to make it to the next second. I called on Jesus. He showed up.

Believe That You’ll Find What You Seek

Those who endure have hope that something different is possible. Of course it is! You’re still investigating, peeking around corners, and upending stacks of the usual looking for what you know is there somewhere. That’s why you’re reading this.

You will find “it” because you keep showing up. 

  • Heart, or stick-to-it-iveness, keeps looking because you have hope.
  • Something in your soul still sings that it exists and it’s there for me.
  • You believe you can.
  • Because Jesus promised.
  • His promises are true.
  • And His promise is for you.

How to Be An Overcomer

Show up and keep trying. Even the tiniest step is still movement.

Believe in your heart that your hope is based on something real.

Some things grow bigger the more you use them. Like hope, and faith.

With every new discovery you realize that there is still MORE.

Keep peeking, seeking and upending.

You are an overcomer.

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Lynn Baber

Lynn Baber

Lynn is a best-selling Christian author encouraging and equipping the people of Christ to live in peace, power, and purpose using simple gospel principles.

Lynn Baber

Lynn Baber

Lynn is a best-selling Christian author encouraging and equipping the people of Christ to live in peace, power, and purpose using simple gospel principles.

4 Responses

  1. Thank you for your quick and encouraging response! I very much appreciate your insight and wisdom–so refreshing to hear from someone with a Christ-centered perspective when it comes to training horses. I’m pretty sure I have “Amazing Grays” in my Kindle queue–will have to be sure and move that one to the top of the list! Thanks again for graciously sharing your wisdom and experience, and for the much needed encouragement!


    1. You are welcome, Liz. Remember, a community of support is one characteristic of Christian fellowship. As each one receives blessing we pass it along to others.

  2. Lynn–thank you for this encouragement. Had a bad day yesterday with my yearling filly–I’ve only had her 2 months and did not do my due diligence in making sure she was okay with picking up all feet, and she kicked at the farrier. I thought/could see she was scared, the farrier said it was attitude. I have two young POA’s (a yearling filly and a 6 year old gelding) who need lots of work, and hear a lot of discouraging things suggesting I’m not up for the challenge (I’ve had my 6 year old for almost 2 years and I’m not riding him yet). I rode and showed as a young person and now know that I understood very little about the way God made horses and how much we can learn from them if we will only take time to let them teach us. My goal this time around is to learn to interact with them in a God-honoring way, and to learn from them as much or more than I want them to learn from me. I first came upon your website/books while scouring the Internet for someone who practiced horsemanship from a Christian perspective (they are not easy to find). I quickly grabbed my own copy of “Discipleship with Horses” and have enjoyed it very much. Thank you for your ministry and encouragement.

    1. Liz, thank you for your note and sharing your experience. You are an overcomer because you walk the path of true leadership. You don’t lead until you’re qualified, able, and can set up others (horses in this instance) to win. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Consider the parable of the vineyard owner. Some workers came the first hour and others the last. Commitment is king. Jesus was all in, and to be as Christ-like as possible, so are we. Don’t let others talk you into their own ruts or “success” stories. Amazing relationship, slowly and solidly grown, may be something they’ve never experienced. The world loves the loud, fast, popular way. We love the narrow path that leads to heaven, because it’s the one our Master blazed for us. He walks with us, even when we stumble. Walk with your horses, even when they don’t understand.

      “Success” with horses is the result of using simple gospel principles. At least success the way I define it. When I look back over thirty years, the most precious memories aren’t the championships, but the relationships between a horse and owner I was able to set right. Value lies in the eye of the beholder. And you’re right, all “attitude” is based in fear.

      Carry on! Thank you for picking up “Discipleship”. You might way to read “Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace” as well. It’s Book One and establishes the principles of our relationship with God and horses while sharing the great promise we have received.

      Blessings, Lynn

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