The Truth About Truth

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The world is nuts. Maybe you’ve noticed. Nothing is simple. Everything is relative. Gender is uncertain and few agree on when life begins.


It’s not that difficult. Eradicate the propaganda and deceptive voices and the truth becomes clear. The truth is constant. The truth is ageless. And truth determines your address in eternity.

God or Not God

God is found behind one of two doors to eternity. Lying in wait behind the other door is Not God. My reference to “God” refers solely to God; Jehovah and Creator, who reveals Himself through His written Word and in the person of Jesus Christ. It’s a pretty simple either/or choice.

God or Not God?

Jesus said , “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. – John 14:6

There are no degrees of Salvation – it’s all or nothing

Anything other than total and glorious submission to God is total and complete rejection of God. There are no degrees of salvation. It’s all or nothing. Any opinion to the contrary is false.

There is no third option. Some folks argue that middle ground exists. And it may – but only in their imagination. Some folks believe in unicorns. That doesn’t mean unicorns exist.

Some say it’s possible to sit on the fence without choosing. Here’s the bad news for fence-sitters – the devil owns the fence.

Jesus – Everything or Nothing

Jesus Christ is a take it or leave it proposition. He is unchanging and unchangeable. He is everything the Bible says He is or He is nothing. People who choose to believe parts of the Bible while rejecting others create new religions based on personal preference and ideology.

None of those personal religions has a savior offering eternity in God’s heaven.

Truth and perspective are not synonymous, but the devil and progressive humanists work diligently to spread the lie that they are, whenever and wherever possible.  In order for something to be true, it must be true in every circumstance, in all places, and at all times.

The Truth about Truth

Truth is defined as the actual state of a matter, or conformity with fact or reality.  In other words, truth is neither a consensus of opinion nor a description of the present cultural mood.

Truth is what IS.

Perspective is a way of regarding circumstance and judging its relative importance. Truth describes what IS. Perspective is an opinion about what IS and whether or not what IS has any value to them.

Value is Relative, Truth is Not

A diamond may be of great value to the jeweler who sets it into a beautiful ring, but it may be nothing more than a nasty little tooth-breaking irritant to the hungry man who discovered it in a stale hunk of bread. Diamond is carbon, a mineral. That’s the truth. Whether a diamond is beautiful or a nuisance is a matter of perspective. Value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

Every year HGTV gives away a gorgeous designer house in some swanky setting. Worth big bucks! Some lucky soul wins it. I never enter to win because I don’t want it. I don’t want to move. Don’t want to have to sell it and don’t need the hassle. The home has no value to me.

“Pretty” Can Be Deadly

Beautiful doesn’t equal good. Some scrumptious-looking fruits and vegetables can kill you. Ask the families of the four people who died in 2006 from eating fresh spinach contaminated with E coli. More than 200 people in 26 states were affected by triple-washed organic spinach packaged by Dole.

Man’s fall from grace originated with the ripe juicy fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam and Eve sure thought that fruit looked good, but by it death entered into the world.

Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.”  – (attributed to) Winston Churchill

One Truth

There is only one Truth that is true in all instances, places, and times. That is the truth God shares with His people through His Word and the tutelage of the Holy Spirit. Anything apart from God’s truth is an opinion, someone’s perspective, or simply a lie.

Which door you open to eternity will be determined by what you believe to be true – and whether in actuality it is, or is not.

The source of truth?

Jesus Christ.

Originally published in 2017.

Lynn Baber

Lynn Baber

Lynn is a best-selling Christian author encouraging and equipping the people of Christ to live in peace, power, and purpose using simple gospel principles.

Lynn Baber

Lynn Baber

Lynn is a best-selling Christian author encouraging and equipping the people of Christ to live in peace, power, and purpose using simple gospel principles.

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