It takes a horse to train a horse. Not too difficult a concept, right? Yet many people spend endless hours searching out the latest greatest training methods or resources.

Not a bad thing. But I know quite a few who invest more time reading about horses than spending time with one. Some folks spend hours watching videos, surfing the internet for articles, and regularly chatting on horse forums.

If you want to learn about horses – watch one.

If you want to learn horse talk find someone who knows the language and will serve as interpreter until you become fluent.

The best teacher of all things equine is an equine.

You can’t build relationship unless you’re in one.
You can’t learn to train a horse unless you have regular access to one.

There’s precious little benefit from reading the Bible without a relationship to its Author. There’s little benefit to anyone listening to folks expound on biblical or horse training issues offering nothing but intellectual positions.

Slopping into the house at the end of the day with manure on your boots, dirt in your nose, and sweat on your hatband is common to horse trainers. Living with horses is a blessed, fulfilling, messy business.

So is life.

God expects authenticity and consistency. Use those standards to select your teachers. Look for horse trainers or saints who’ve been in the arena, tried time and again, who persevered through failure and defeat until they reach a place of success and are willing to share what they learned.

In the meantime, go spend some quality time with your pony.

Take notes.