Do You Worry You’re Not Doing Enough?

Like many of you, sometimes I wonder if I’m doing enough. For the Lord, for my family, for the horses, as a good steward, and as a writer. I haven’t posted much since the last newsletter. This month’s (April 2018) list of articles is uncomfortably short. Have I let you down? Shirked? What happened? Life. […]

Choose Teachers Wisely – Horses and Faith

It takes a horse to train a horse. Not too difficult a concept, right? A horse is one thing every horse trainer needs – no exceptions. Yet many people spend endless hours searching out the latest greatest training methods or resources from intellectuals, not practitioners. Some people love to learn but aren’t as keen on […]

Can You Prove Christianity?

“Is Christianity true just because the inerrant Bible says it is?” I like this question better, “Is Christianity provable?” It’s simpler and delivers the gut punch. Before debating how one proves Christianity, one must first decide that it’s possible to prove. This is the central question in a June 2018 American Family Association Journal article by […]