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A Simple Formula To Solve Any Problem

For the first few decades of my life, I was overwhelmed by the struggles I faced, not realizing I had the choice to live a simpler life. I grew up with no one to teach me about the Master, so I never developed a sense of personal trust and understanding. Once I realized the power I hold over problems, they

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Good News If You Hate Arguing Over Theology (or Horse Stuff)

Do you cringe when Bible study turns into theological debate over the meaning of scriptural symbology or some nuanced passage? If so, you’re not alone.  I love shop talk. For decades, I welcomed all conversations about anything horse-related. For those of you who aren’t familiar, there are three things that can turn pleasant conversation into a street brawl in less

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Vulnerability—Truth and Strength

Vulnerability gets a bad rap when it’s misunderstood. Decades of learning from God and horses taught me that behavior mirrors the truth, and truth is the only thing you can build on. The power in vulnerability is the way it reveals the truth. No one can hurt your feelings without your permission because you hold the controller to your emotions.

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Keep Faith Simple—Calvinist, Arminian, or Other?

Everything seems easier when you keep it simple, especially issues of faith. Disputes among believers seldom glorify God. In this post we’ll consider the centuries-long battle between Calvinists and Arminians by quoting the Apostle Paul’s response to divisions within the Corinth church just twenty years after Jesus’s resurrection.  Whenever theological differences threaten fellowship, remember Jesus’s words in Matthew 18:3, “Truly

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Young woman with oculus virtual reality. Vintage typewriter carriage with words Web 3.0

Web 3.0—The Next Assault On Christianity

Web 3.0 is an online tsunami currently building its destructive power. It promotes virtual relationships beyond the five simple senses. It threatens to alter perceived reality from actual to invented, and to further diminish ALMIGHTY God into either a weak promoter of niceness or a personal enemy. Web 3.0 promotes individual autonomy and power, the same temptation Adam and Eve fell

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person bending over to help a senior man with cane who fell

Nice vs Kind—Beware of The “Gospel of Nice”

More self-labeled Christians believe that being nice is more important than anything else. Curiously, none of God’s commandments mention being “nice.” Could that be because “nice” is concerned about what people see while kindness is the pure outflow of the heart? “Niceness is how we try to climb the social ladder. But kindness is how we lift up others.”—Yaholo Nice

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Rapture Ready—Knowing God His Way

Does your spouse (child, friend) really know you? Does he or she know what makes your heart sing, choose gifts that affirm your quirky personality, and scrupulously avoid doing the one thing that irritates your last nerve? Knowing about someone may not be enough to support a lasting relationship if the knowledge doesn’t inspire action. When it comes to your

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Fight Back Against False Teachers — Forgeries and Fakes

“It’s fake.” Whether the forgery is artwork or false teaching, the loss is costly and real. Have you heard an Antiques Roadshow appraiser deliver this devastating news to someone who believes he or she owns a veritable treasure? “It’s fake.” Discovering that a priceless possession is really a worthless counterfeit must be heartbreaking.  Appraisers aren’t experts on what’s bogus, but

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