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Two Births of Immanuel, God with Us

The birth of Jesus fulfilled the gift of Immanuel (Emmanuel), God with us, since that was His name (Matthew 1:23). While considering the great gift of our Savior this Christmas morning, I realized that “God with us” isn’t just a name, it’s an inheritance, a potential, and my reality. The first birth of Immanuel was Jesus as the babe in

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15 Christlike Characteristics to Practice This Christmas

Everyone preaches the gospel that truly lives in their hearts. When the Holy Spirit moves in, you begin the life-long journey of becoming more like Jesus every day. Living in the Light means concentrating on what is good, admirable, loving, and Christlike. Only darkness dwells primarily on descriptions of sin. These 15 Christlike characteristics offer positive examples of how you become more

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Christmas Essence – The Gift

PeaceEternityRestoration. Traditions pass awayWhen the peopleOf traditionPass away. Christmas isn’tPresentsFoodDecorationExcess. Christmas isGood NewsMiraclesA promiseLove.Above all, love. When traditions fadeAnd the old guard isMemoryRemember the Gift. The GiftForever newForever trueThat cannot pass away. Jesus. Other Christmas musings: Discovering New Reasons to Celebrate Christmas – Recovering from Humbug The True Spirit of Christmas – It’s So Much Better to Give than Receive

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Hot Air Balloons and God’s Will

Steeling my nerves, I reserved an early morning hot air balloon adventure as my husband’s gift on his 50th birthday in 1991. The biggest part of the gift was riding along with him. Mind you, I DO NOT do heights. He appreciated the gesture. It wasn’t what I expected, but I’m glad I went. Otherwise I wouldn’t know the magic of

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Womans legs with sneakers out car window enjoying summer

5 Tips to Successfully Negotiate Life Seasons

Spring is a memory, Summer is middle-aged, and Autumn is trying to stick its foot in the door. Changing seasons offer promise and blessing, gain and loss, and remind us that flexibility isn’t just for kids. Perseverance, humor, and grit are required to manage changing life seasons. I’ve grown to appreciate flip-flops and slip-ons, but still have more pairs of

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woman sitting on the top of a fence . the price when you decide not to choose sides

The Devil Owns the Fence

When’s the last time you decided that the wisest course of action was neutrality? Whether in a dispute between friends or some matter of politics, parenting, horsemanship, or scripture? Did sitting on the fence seem like the best (safest) response? Mature wisdom follows Jesus’s advice to be “Wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove.” Those less mature often

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The Poison of Comparing Yourself

Want to ruin your day? It’s easy and doesn’t cost a penny. Just indulge in the poison of comparison. Last night I parked my past-middle-aged orange Jeep outside the garage because my husband and I planned to assemble new bookcases and needed the room. I’d just plopped onto the front porch this morning after feeding the horses and dogs and

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Why I Believe That YOU Are An Overcomer

It’s been said that 80% of success is just showing up. I second that. The most important characteristic of overcomers is persistence. The next is the hope that change is possible. I believe you have what it takes to be an overcomer. Here’s why.   Since you’re reading this, you’re probably an overcomer. I say that because you took action

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