Do Children and Horses Mirror Your Mistakes?

Biology isn’t the only criteria for who is or isn’t a mother or father. Raising bold, believing children requires knowledgeable, dedicated, persistent, and God-fearing parents.  Likewise, it takes knowledgeable, dedicated, and persistent owners or trainers to develop confident, reliable horses. The cause of most disobedient or dangerous teenagers is parents who were absent physically, emotionally, […]

How Horses Define Commitment

When people ask me what I do to transform a horse I answer, “Whatever it takes.” “How long does it take?” “As long as it takes.” I withhold nothing.  My definition of commitment is “no matter what.” There are no deal breakers or excuses.  Anything you promise must be delivered. One of the greatest skills […]

Freedom – Round Pen and Liberty Work with Horses

Relationships always have a beginning and progress much like a dance, the continuing process of action and reaction. A round pen is like a chance meeting – once eyes meet something significant happens or an opportunity is lost. How eyes meet sets the tone for the rest of the interaction. If someone held your head […]

Playing Video Games with the Horses

horse video

Ace and Asti are similar to toddlers and teen-agers. They love to watch themselves on video and play games. And cuddle. Ace is the chestnut gelding, Asti the black mare. Hope you enjoy this short moment of fun from our barn!