Intimacy with God–The Power of Small Gestures

What’s your personal sign from God? A cloud formation, a song that comes on the radio while you’re praying for guidance, a dragonfly, or a glorious rainbow when it isn’t raining? Mine is red cardinals. We most cherish the intimate things of God in our relationship with Him. Intimacy is impossible without familiarity and connection. […]

How Horses Define Commitment

When people ask me what I do to transform a horse I answer, “Whatever it takes.” “How long does it take?” “As long as it takes.” I withhold nothing.  My definition of commitment is “no matter what.” There are no deal breakers or excuses.  Anything you promise must be delivered. One of the greatest skills […]

Finding Soul Rest When Someone Pushes Your Buttons, Even if it’s a Horse

There are times in relationship when you must step back. Get hold of yourself. Return accusatory eyes from whomever is bugging you to the mirror – and settle. Horses push your buttons. Like people. Sometimes it’s purposeful, but usually it’s an emotional reaction to what’s happening. Handling frustration well is critical to the health of […]