God is good – all the time

Don’t take yourself so seriously

Retirement isn’t scriptural.


God expects you to serve

You’re still relevant

Gravity is inevitable.


Relationships matter

Paper-white teeth aren’t natural



It’s a journey.

Let’s share it



Lonely happens

Praise God anyway

He is good – all the time.

Fifty-one words. Let me explain…

God has a way of bringing things full circle. The Bible begins with a new heaven and new earth and ends the same way. Our weddings rings are symbolic because they have no beginning and no end.

My first teen-age wordy scribbles were poetry. Rumor has it we get a second childhood. (Fine, as long as it’s better than the first!) Now I have days where my thoughts are shorter, more random, and perhaps more personal. Don’t be surprised if some of my attempts to communicate aren’t fully punctuated, orderly, and possibly senseless. It’s either impending senility or the first blush of creativity.

Time will tell.

In my seventh decade of life I’ve begun to ask myself the same question I pose to my husband (in his eighth decade) when he waffles on buying something he’s wanted for a long time or doing something just for fun:

“If not now, when?”

God is bringing me full circle in a number of ways. Either that, or I’m finally getting on the track He intended for me years ago.

Stay tuned and consider sharing the journey with me.

What’s changing in your life?

What have you longed to do, not dared to do, or have been afraid to do?

Is God bringing something to your awareness you thought passed by long ago?

If not now, when?


FYI – Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry consisting of 3 lines. The first and last lines of have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllables. The lines rarely rhyme.