What’s Wrong With The United States—8 Stages of Civilization

close view of ancient Roman ruins on bright sunny day

The world is a mess. When nearly 4 out of 10 people reject the concept of absolute truth you end up with a nation defined by committee. Fred Allen once described a committee as“a group of the unprepared, appointed by the unwilling, to do the unnecessary.” Most folks are familiar with Alec Issigonis’s comment that […]

Straight Talk About Judges, Politicians, and Casting Your Vote

A funny thing happened in Austin… Politicians seldom inspire a case of the warm fuzzies and only TWO PERCENT of Americans trust the government to do the right thing most of the time. The week I spent at a desk on the floor of the Texas Senate in early August 2023, taught me some new […]

Change Your Life By Changing What You Reward

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The quality of your life equals the quality of your relationships. Rewards profoundly effect perspective as well as the way individuals interact with one another. If you want to change your life, you must change the way you reward yourself and others.  Foundational Rule of Rewards The laws of nature and nature’s God never change. […]

Rapture Ready—Knowing God His Way

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Does your spouse (child, friend) really know you? Does he or she know what makes your heart sing, choose gifts that affirm your quirky personality, and scrupulously avoid doing the one thing that irritates your last nerve? Knowing about someone may not be enough to support a lasting relationship if the knowledge doesn’t inspire action. […]

Decision Regret—5 Tips For Making Better Choices

Senior woman with chin on hands. Expression of regret

Imagine how much different your life might be if you could go back in time and get a do-over on a few old decisions. The way you manage decisions, past, present, and future, is a matter of stewardship. Regret is a terrible use of energy, but you can leverage past mistakes to help you make […]

Transformational Leadership—4 Tips To Up Your Game

work team focused on leader

Transformational leadership is about change. Good leaders focus on getting the job done—doing what’s necessary to complete the tasks at hand. Great leaders focus on the people involved, seeing each task as both an objective and opportunity. Transformational leadership achieves goals while elevating everyone involved. People are inspired and motivated, walking away with something they […]

Burnout, Stress, and Overwhelm—It’s Not Just You

Do frustration, irritation, anxiety, and constant fatigue feel like they’ve become part of your DNA? Has the clear call of the Holy Spirit faded until you sometimes wonder if it was real? Churches are dying, and leaders are experiencing debilitating stress as more folks define “a good life” in ways that don’t resemble Jesus’s mission. […]

5 Disciplines of Personal Revival

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Personal revival isn’t once and done, but a continuing commitment to compare progress, habits, and priorities with what you’ve accomplished in the past and the way God’s word tells you to run your race. I love my life, my husband, my work, and my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. But last week the progress and […]