A Simple Formula To Solve Any Problem

man avoiding a maze walking on red path above the puzzle

For the first few decades of my life, I was overwhelmed by the struggles I faced, not realizing I had the choice to live a simpler life. I grew up with no one to teach me about the Master, so I never developed a sense of personal trust and understanding. Once I realized the power […]

Seeing the Real You In the Eyes of A Horse

Horses give you the gift of simplicity—seeing the world through their eyes. There is no pretense with a horse—they’re direct and only say what they mean.  Horses don’t care if your eyebrows are plucked, if the crease in your jeans isn’t sharp, if your boots are hand-me-downs, or if you missed a juicy promotion. People […]

Less is More

less is more

Simplicity is the good old days. Youth. Freshness. Just two pairs of shoes to choose from and no Google calendar. Simplicity is a decision limited to one thing or another, not the push and pull from dozens of options or opinions every waking moment. Can you remember a time when you had the leisure of […]

Faithful Stewardship

stewardship and investments

Let me share a little secret with you. Everyone has problems allocating resources. Stewardship is the wise investment of scarce resources.  Bill Gates, Walmart greeters, and everyone else on the planet has limited resources. Resources include time, energy, cash, passion, and ability. Some folks are long on cash but short on energy. Others have ability out […]