From Pressure to Perfect Peace – Horses and Christians

release of pressure peace horse Christian

Horses learn from the release of pressure, when intrusions into their experiential space disappear by an action the horse controls. Imagine your horse responding to nothing but your thought, the ultimate result of the soft yield to a rein, leg, or rope. Perfect peace is equal parts habit and relationship. Faith builds when the results […]

3 Ways to Manage Horses that Pull Back When Tied

Every trainer and clinician is asked for advice about handling horses that sit back when they’re tied. It’s a universal problem because there isn’t a perfect answer. This article presents three ways to manage horses who pull back. If you canvass equine experts, you get two basic responses, one that makes sense and one that’s […]

Rethinking the Use of Pressure in Horse Training

For the first time, Journey backed with impulsion and perfect form yesterday. Woo-hoo! It’s hard to believe we rescued him almost three years ago because some lessons came s-l-o-w-l-y. His success yesterday was like a piece of birthday cake. (I love cake.) A moment worth savoring. It also led me to reconsider the use of […]