Positive Responses to Frustrated or Emotional Horses

release of pressure peace horse Christian

You cannot believe that your horse just WENT THERE; refusing, rejecting, back-talking or worse – releasing a boatload of adrenalin into your bloodstream and a bushel of irritation in your heart. What are you going to do about it?!? Regroup and settle down. There are times in any relationship when the right response is retreat, […]

The Benefits of Being A Woman of A Certain Age

I’ve reached that “certain age.” One lesson I’ve learned from horses, losing parents, and developing physical restrictions myself, is the glorious freedom that comes with real limitations we’re wise enough to accept and laugh about. Ladies, there are benefits to aging! Genuine bonuses for achieving a certain age yourself and benefits to riding mature older […]

Two Births of Immanuel, God with Us

The birth of Jesus fulfilled the gift of Immanuel (Emmanuel), God with us, since that was His name (Matthew 1:23). While considering the great gift of our Savior this Christmas morning, I realized that “God with us” isn’t just a name, it’s an inheritance, a potential, and my reality. The first birth of Immanuel was […]

Never Quit – The Fruit of Patience

Peacock butterfly red, purple, and yellow on delicate spring flowers. Importance of patience with horses and children.

It’s lovely when talent is obvious and the path to success rapid and predictable. Lovely, but rare. More of us are tempted to quit when plans don’t pan out rather than refill our patience tank. Before giving up, let me tell you about an equine quitter I encountered and how it worked out. The worst […]

Horses – The Finger of Faith

One beautiful Phoenix morning I left the ranch to pick up a new horse. Her owner wanted her fit and shown in halter class. After a few minutes working with the well-bred yearling filly, she loaded in the trailer and I chatted with her owner for a few minutes before heading home.  She asked me, […]

Communication Snafus with Your Horse

communication with horse pony grazing while little boy sits in grass after leaving the saddle

Would you agree that communication snafus are the cause of many, if not most, disagreements? My husband and I agree on almost everything, but words don’t always mean precisely the same thing to both of us. Sometimes we look at each other blankly, unsure how to clarify what we mean. Before we got engaged we […]