Strange Bedfellows—Social Justice and Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

protest sign reading We Demand Climate Justice

How could any nice person oppose social justice? Folks oppose social justice when it either (1) attaches judgment to common sense or (2) opposes their own best interest. Which means, it’s either demonstrably wrong or considered an opinion that offends our sense of self. Social justice is also a deceptively pleasant phrase concocted by the […]

Nice vs Kind—Beware of The “Gospel of Nice”

person bending over to help a senior man with cane who fell

More self-labeled Christians believe that being nice is more important than anything else. Curiously, none of God’s commandments mention being “nice.” Could that be because “nice” is concerned about what people see while kindness is the pure outflow of the heart? “Niceness is how we try to climb the social ladder. But kindness is how […]