6 Reasons Why Your Horse Doesn’t Trust You – 2 of 3

Consistency is wonderful as long as you consistently do the right things. Like any progressive learning process, testing reveals the degree of mastery over subject matter and the effectiveness of the teaching. Part 1 of this series is a deep-dive into the primary reason your horse doesn’t trust you: inconsistency. This part introduces the next […]

Horses – The Finger of Faith

One beautiful Phoenix morning I left the ranch to pick up a new horse. Her owner wanted her fit and shown in halter class. After a few minutes working with the well-bred yearling filly, she loaded in the trailer and I chatted with her owner for a few minutes before heading home.  She asked me, […]

7 Simple Rules for Success with A Horse

Woman hugging horse with mutual affection. Use these 7 Simple Rules to be successful with horses and create the relationship you dream of.

You’re dressed, enthused, and toddle out to spend time with your adorable mare. She meets you at the gate and the magic begins. Everything is beautiful until the record player begins to slow and the music becomes distorted. When Perfection Doesn’t Happen If you’ve spent more than a week with a horse you know what […]