God Wants You to Do You, Not Anyone Else

Chocolate dachshund lying on patio block

Dachshunds are clever, stubborn, and not for everyone because they’re as opinionated as they are cuddly. Diva the Dachshund came with a balanced, friendly personality. We met her when she was 5 weeks old, visiting her twice a week for the next month. At 9 weeks, she joined the pack in our barn. A few […]

Achieve Your Dream Part 3 — The Temptation of Comparison

Young brunette compares similar products held in each had in store. Comparison kills dreams and success.

Comparison is a temptation. Falling for it can sabotage your confidence and sideline your dreams faster than boiling water melts a sugar cube. Perfect objectivity isn’t possible when you self-evaluate because you can’t see the big picture when you’re standing in the middle of it. “The tip of the neighbour’s iceberg often looks very nice.”― Roy […]