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Everything of importance is somehow linked to a relationship. Articles to encourage, challenge, and help you strengthen the important relationships in your life.

Conflict Is More About Feelings Than Ideology

“He’s gone.” The news that my friend’s beloved dog passed away from a horrible accident is devastating. More to her than me, but my heart still twists with grief for my friend and the amazing waggly buddy I grew to love. Share the news with six people that never met my friend or the dog and the news won’t inspire

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The Reason for Conflict–Us vs Them

Given the choice, people tend to associate with others like themselves. Collective Identity is the shared sense of belonging to a group which establishes the rules, social mores, and doctrines to which members adhere. Leaders receive the power to define membership and guide group members. The primary reason for conflict is groups with incompatible values. Every group competes with every other group.

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Constructive vs. Destructive Criticism

Let’s be honest, who seeks criticism eagerly? My first reaction to someone who tells me I don’t live up to her standards isn’t a warm fuzzy unless I asked for her opinion. “You should NEVER wear that color!” Okay, thank you, but I like this color. Constructive criticism might be beneficial, but only when used with wisdom and love. Frankly,

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10 Ways to Transform Criticism into Encouragement

No horse is perfect in human terms and no horse is junk. There’s something wonderful about every horse, every kid, and every person. People of great character speak in positive terms. They concentrate on what’s possible, not what isn’t; intentionally finding ways to encourage others. Rather than criticize, folks we admire and trust take care to correct, suggest, and encourage.

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Are You Easy to Obey?

There is a direct correlation between the ease of a request and the odds of obedience. Obedience is a gift. When a horse or person obeys you, which emotion is most likely to show up, gratification or gratitude? I know, sometimes the emotion is more like shock. “Hey, Josh, would you go find your little sister?” Your often oblivious fourteen-year-old

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Leadership – Horsemanship – Discipleship

I’ve been a leadership junkie for decades. Transitioning from corporate America, consulting, and motivational speaking to horse training wasn’t as difficult as it may seem at first blush, because the rules for success were the same. The move from the horse industry to ministry was a bit more complicated, but I’ve discovered that the method Jesus used to “train up”

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Peacock butterfly red, purple, and yellow on delicate spring flowers. Importance of patience with horses and children.

Never Quit – The Fruit of Patience

It’s lovely when talent is obvious and the path to success rapid and predictable. Lovely, but rare. More of us are tempted to quit when plans don’t pan out rather than refill our patience tank. Before giving up, let me tell you about an equine quitter I encountered and how it worked out. The worst horse to train is the

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The Difference Between Excuses and Explanations

Being excused removes culpability; offering an excuse isn’t the same thing. If my gale-force sneeze catches you directly between the eyes, you may excuse (forgive) me if I was totally caught off guard. I’m guilty as a cat caught with a parakeet feather between her teeth, but I’m far more embarrassed than you are annoyed. What if you’re the victim

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