Cover image The Breath of Horse Crazy — The Love Affair Between Women and Horses

The Breath Of Horse Crazy

The Love Affair Between Women and Horses
(Gospel Horse Series Book 4)

Horse make Dreams. Come. True.

Every horse is ordinary unless made extraordinary by a woman God provides. There is no amazing horse woman without an amazing horse willing to partner with her because she proved committed, trustworthy, able, selfless in relationship, and loves the process..

This book is for every woman who has the love of horses in her DNA..
Horses live, move, and think at the speed of trust, and unlike some people, horses can’t be bought. The end of the rainbow for horse-crazy ladies is transformation; becoming more than they were alone. Horses tell you things about yourself you don’t already know. Horses are as true to their nature as you are, never believing things about themselves that aren’t real.

Why do women love horses? Husband, fathers, and sons try to understand us but often give up, accepting that the woman in his life was born that way and it’s better to accept than resist. If you’re in the sisterhood of horsewomen, I invite you to share the dream.

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