He Came Looking For Me

A Horse's True Story of Hope and Redemption.
(Gospel Horse Series Book 2)

Experience this compelling and uplifting story of a real horse in desperate need of rescue – and how God delivered it in the nick of time.

The best stories are often true; with promising beginnings, wandering through change and uncertainty, falling into the darkest of pits, then joyful rising to heartwarming, blissful endings. That’s the story of Shiner and his brother, Ace, born as Princes of the Pasture, finding a new family, then sold into confusion and despair. 

Shiner and Ace were rescued at the very moment it was most needed. Their story, however, is for everyone who has ever felt hopeless or abandoned. There is hope. There is something bright and beautiful ahead. “He Came Looking for Me’ is a message that Jesus’s promise of a mansion in heaven is one you can believe in.

Need proof? Shiner shares part of the story in his own unique equine way. If you loved reading “Black Beauty”, you’ll love this book. Even better, Shiner is a real horse in Weatherford, Texas.

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