Discipleship With Horses

Practical Guide to Using Obstacles, Exercises, and Simple Cues to Get the Results You Want (Gospel Horse Series Book 3)

Horsemanship. Leadership. Discipleship.

Transformative relationship with a horse is possible if you know how to offer it, guide it, and deserve it. Horsemanship means you understand how horses think, how they learn, and what they need. Leadership offers horses options that let them be right, teaches them confidence, and creates reflexive obedience because the horse wants to do as you ask.

Discipleship is knowing what you know well enough to teach others how to get the same results you do. 

The parallel between your relationship with a horse and your relationship with God follow similar paths. Christian author Lynn Baber ties the two together in inspiring and practical ways. She explains why your horse doesn’t do as you ask and how to change both the question and the answer.

From the practical to the inspirational, and the round pen to the prayer closet, Lynn provides specific how-to’s and concepts to help you develop the right program for your horse based on timeless gospel principles.

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