Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace

Lessons in Leadership, Relationship, and the Power of Faith Inspired by the Love of God and Horses
(Gospel Horse Series Book 1)

Leadership. Relationship. Faith.

Horses are born looking for a herd, dogs for a pack, and people for God. The quality of every horse, dog, or human life is the quality of the relationships enjoyed or endured. 

The “Amazing Grays” are two gray quarter horses who led the author from a successful career in the horse industry to ministry with horses. As Lynn says, “You can’t fool God and you can’t fool a horse. And, like God, horses treat you precisely as you deserve, unless they give you grace.”

“Amazing Grays” applies simple gospel truths to your relationship with horses. The foundations of commitment, faith, and effective correction are shared in stories from the author’s years as an equine professional. Gratitude, distraction, temptation, willingness, and humility are recurring characters in life with horses and your walk with Christ. 

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