Love Jesus? Love Horses?

Few joys surpass gathering together with like-minded folks; the people who get us, who understand what makes us tick and know how we feel without explanation. If your favorite topics of conversation or greatest challenges involve relationship with Christ Jesus or horses, this is the place for you. You may be a fellow horse geek. Horse geeks love to talk shop – anything and everything remotely related to horses and our passion for them.

After 7+ years our official non-profit ministry ended. Gospel Horse is the result of what I learned about combining the gospel with horses. Amazing Grays Ministry, Inc. ran the race God intended and offered me opportunities to visit and work with other equine ministries and equine-assisted programs. I confess that the first time I introduced horsemanship and the gospel to an arena of riders wasn’t my finest hour. I was confident of the horse part and trying to be equally confident with the message part, but early experiences were about as natural as walking with a cowboy boot on your left foot and a stiletto-heeled pump on your right. We all learn as we go along. Walking with the Lord and life with horses is a never-ending delight of unlearning the complex and discovering the blessing and effectiveness of simplicity.

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Have you ever seen a spiritual connection between a human and a horse that defies explanation? How is it possible for a child and her pony to communicate without words? Why will a horse literally lay down its life for a beloved owner? Of our six horses, why do horses Journey and Ace hang on my every move and expression while steady campaigners like Bo (one of the amazing grays) and Asti patiently and contentedly wait their turn? Since we’re being totally transparent here, Bo is lazy and happy to do nothing as long as his role as herd leader is secure. Asti doesn’t need a lot of attention, but does appreciate being treated like a princess. Journey and Ace crave work and attention. 

Journey was rescued from a kill pen after something in his experience nearly destroyed his natural sense of self-preservation. I specialized in young stallions for years and “fixed” lots of horse issues. Journey was the most dangerous horse I ever worked with. Eighteen month later he is one of the most delightful; and there’s still lots of journey ahead. Journey proves that the biggest sinners, once truly saved, become some of the greatest saints. We sold Ace as a happy balanced coming-yearling and he returned to us nine years later with dissociative psychotic episodes. Life isn’t always kind to horses or people. But God has a way to heal breaks and wounds no matter how deep.

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May I help you learn the secrets of achieving a close connection and unbreakable bond with your horse? Transformative relationship with a horse is possible if you know how to offer it and are committed to do whatever it takes to achieve it.  I share both the concepts and process of achieving amazing relationship with a horse – or anyone else – using simple gospel principles. The Amazing Grays Trilogy series teaches readers how horses think and process information using simple Gospel principles. Regardless of breed, you can transform your horse into a willing equine partner. You need two things, (1) ability and (2) commitment. I can’t help you with commitment, but I can try to help you become more able.

How much do you think horses care that I’m a World and National champion breeder and trainer? Click here to find out. 

Success is found in the simple gospel message of Jesus Christ. Properly applying simple gospel principles creates transformative relationship between you and your horse that builds faith as it banishes fear.

Many of us are searchers. Searchers for the best way to communicate, care for, and create remarkable partnerships with our horses. Learn how using simple gospel principles builds amazing relationships with God and horses using Lynn’s books in a place and time most convenient for you.

If you’re in the north Texas area, I love having folks visit to “ride along” or work on whatever issue they have with their horse. As God leads, programs and presentations may be offered away from our Texas barn. ​Did I mention that we live in the barn with our horses, dogs, and cats?

Blessings are never complete until they are passed along to others. Lynn enthusiastically shares what God has blessed her with; experience, success, and the opportunity for discipleship.​​​