If there’s anything special about me at all, it is that I am profoundly simple. It wasn’t always that way.

Why should who I am matter to you? Because I want you to achieve greater success. That isn’t possible unless you are willing to read what I write or listen to what I say. How do you choose a doctor, dentist, teacher, or hair stylist? Few people would trust their health, teeth, education, or hair to a stranger on the street. First we want to know a bit about their experience, credentials, and personal philosophy.

Can they deliver what they promise?

Proving expertise with horses is easy – let me work with one. Watch. Listen. That usually convinces people I know a little about horses, how to build strong foundations of faith, and where to find the concepts in God’s Word. What can I tell you that might be meaningful? First, we probably share common experiences. Second, I’m simple, almost fearless, and know how to achieve career success. No drama, no angst. I’m a happy camper.

I’m a best-selling author and World and National Champion trainer and breeder – but it wasn’t always that way.

And I have a ridiculous number of expressions.

Sometimes it takes years before we recognize blessings in disguise.  I am greatly blessed to share experiences drawn from time served as an: 

  • introverted preteen,
  • extroverted teen,
  • figure skater,
  • church-mouse poor college drop-out living in an unfinished basement,
  • non-traditional college graduate,
  • two-time grad school drop-out,
  • successful business consultant and professional speaker,
  • battered wife of an alcoholic,
  • a now cherished wife of over thirty years,
  • an anti-politician in politics,
  • a community leader,
  • a greener-than-green horse owner,
  • a National and World Champion equine professional,
  • and a secure and blessed child of God.

In other words, I’ve been at the bottom of the pit and found the way out. My list could be longer, but some of my experiences, like some of yours, involve other people. Sharing my story is one thing; sharing things other people don’t want shared is quite another. People are fascinating. Everyone has a story to tell. No matter who you are, your life has bits unique to you, but much in common with the rest of us.

 I’ve been a success and a failure. No one has it all and no one has nothing. One thing we all share is being imperfectly human. I’ve written some great stuff, some good stuff, and some other stuff. Like you, I’m still in training. Everyone can learn something from anyone. Each day offers insight, experience, and education. What I know I try to share.

Life with Horses

During my training career I enjoyed the luxury of being able to put the horse’s needs first. Our horses earned championship bronzes and some passed on their winning ability to fillies and colts. Others were blessed with the love of a special man or woman and many went on to serve in international homes or show barns. Unlike many trainers, I didn’t have to choose between what was best for a horse and doing what was necessary to pay the mortgage or feed a family.

Everything was customized to the needs of individual horses. Our clients and other trainers who worked out of my facility shared the passion for horses I’ve had for as long as I can remember. The opportunity to learn from every horse, and particularly the many stallions I worked with, taught me authentic leadership.

A horse is a horse. No one training method works with all of them yet every horse is hard-wired to understand relationship.  Simplicity coupled with commitment created foundations strong enough to support a quarter-ton horse and me. Horses of every age, size, disposition, and ability taught me that simplicity is the key to faith.

Commitment a horse can believe in has no deal-breakers; it is unchanging, no matter what. 

From sharing the first breath of a horse to the last, much of my life has revolved around horses. The process of building faith that eliminates fear is so simple most folks fail to grasp it. Earning a horse’s attention and obedience doesn’t have to be physically demanding. As my horses learn to perform more complex maneuvers I never sacrifice an opportunity to build their confidence, boldness, and faith.

Over the years I trained horses in most disciplines except cattle events. I judged cattle classes, but never competed or trained in them. We tracked, sorted,  and played with our own heifers or weaned calves at home, but it was always purposeful or just plain fun. My training process produced multiple World and National Champions, so it must have been somewhat successful. Horses left our barn sound, sane, and productive.

Now I help others achieve their goals. My methods aren’t original, just eternally simple, successful, and based on verifiable gospel principles. 


Every Christian is both disciple and evangelist. What differs from one New Creation to the next is his or her degree of commitment and awareness. Effective disciples are both leaders and followers because proper authority is always balanced with equal humility. There is no better proof of that than our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus was fully God yet 100% obedient to His Father. Obedient no matter what, even unto death. Whether in person or in print, I challenge others to think or act in ways that produce predictably positive results using simple gospel principles.

It was gratifying to discover that messages I delivered as a motivational speaker were correct. Today I know where those principles are found in the God’s Word. What is true is always true – in every era, circumstance, and location. Gospel principles of discipleship and leadership are always relevant and reliable.​

Just being me isn’t all that helpful, but some people want to know what led to the books and the ministry. If you’re still curious you’ll find a bit more here:

Christian Living and the Ministry Nearest

As Solomon wrote, there is a time for every purpose under heaven. In the summer of 2016 it was time for ministry board members to move on and my husband and me to downsize. Like all of you, our purpose today is serving the Ministry Nearest. The Ministry Nearest is whatever lies closest to hand and is the sum of what we do each day.

If you need fertilizer, I’m only an email away. I no longer represent an official ministry; it’s just me. Much of my work has been with other organizations and leaders, but questions and contacts from individuals are welcome; horse-related or not.  My purpose is to help others discover the blessed simplicity of understanding and applying God’s Word. Opportunities to do so are appreciated. After all, fertilizer has no purpose whatsoever on it own.

Equine Professional

Breeder – Trainer – Judge

I was privileged to train, breed, foal mares, stand stallions, judge, teach, haul, grow and bale hay, breed a few calves and donkeys, as well as provide expert witness in court as a Certified Equine Appraiser. Lessons learned over decades with horses help me see the world a bit more in the way God intended. From my first horse to the big training facilities, I lived horses – horses – horses for decades.

 Life Before Horses

Motivational Speaker – Business Consultant

When I was young (and didn’t know any better) I purposefully structured my resume to be qualified as a general business consultant (except for computers!) Keypunch was still part of every collegiate business program when I started out. Eventually I specialized in service and marketing. As a motivational speaker my goal was to help people change their lives. The main difference between then and now is that now I know where the truths I shared then are found in God’s Word.