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I’m Lynn Baber. Welcome to my online home.

My passion is working with capable, invested individuals and small groups. During the past thirty years I’ve taught large seminars, spoken to an audience of more than a thousand people, and judged horse shows in the US and Europe. It took me years to discover the formula for success, and a few more to learn how God’s Word applies in every circumstance. I’ve been an accountant, marketing pro, business consultant, motivational speaker, horse trainer, clinician, author, and spent seven years in ministry. Most of my forty-plus-year business history is entrepreneurial.

I help folks move forward smoother, faster, and more directly – while carefully stewarding scarce resources.

Everyone has unmastered challenges. You know things I don’t, and I know a thing or two you don’t — and neither of us knows what we don’t know. Sharing my tools and insights help Christian authors, entrepreneurs, and horse owners find clarity, identify specific goals, set strategies, and stay accountable to the message or purpose God gave them.

Curious about how a geeky kid (me) with no hometown and a dysfunctional family became a writer? –  Book Reader Magazine interview 

I work with people – who may or not have a horse.

Proving expertise with horses is easy – let me work with one. I’m a best-selling author, World and National Champion horse trainer and breeder, former business consultant, and serial entrepreneur. Thirty years ago I was a motivational speaker helping people change their lives. The main difference between then and now, is knowing where the truths I share are found in God’s Word.

Following seven years in ministry, I’m back in business. As an author, equine clinician, teacher, and resource to Christians in a post-Christian world trying to achieve something better – or something different.

If there’s anything special about me at all, it’s that I’m profoundly simple. It wasn’t always that way. Some of the more interesting lessons I learned about simplicity came from the stallions I trained over many years. The only way to get a 1500-pound hairy mass of testosterone to offer obedience and loyalty is to earn it. You can’t fool God and you can’t fool a horse.

My best skill set stands on a rock-solid foundation of simplicity. If you need help identifying options and choosing the direction you want to go, I can help. Every challenge and opportunity can be simply stated as, “Which do you prefer, A or B?” I won’t say my methods are 100% successful – but they haven’t failed yet.

I’ve been a success and a failure. No one has it all and no one has nothing. One thing we all share is being imperfectly human. I’ve written some great stuff, some good stuff, and some other stuff. What I know, I try to share.

My Philosophy

Every Christian is both disciple and evangelist. What differs from one New Creation to the next is his or her degree of commitment and awareness. Effective disciples are both leaders and followers because proper authority is always balanced by equal humility. Whether in person or in print, I challenge others to think or act in ways that produce predictably positive results.