Looking for clarity and simplicity?  Are you frustrated or uncertain about what to do next as a Christ-follower in a post-Christian world?

Resources available: Personal, professional, & horse-related.

Everyone I meet is searching for something; their soul mate, the perfect job, or help navigating limitless options and a society that calls good evil and evil good. Folks seek answers, secrets, and the 7 best ways to do anything.

The Holy Spirit is your soul mate. The perfect job (or spouse) doesn’t exist. God is good and anyone who says He isn’t needs to be wished “Good day” as you shake the dust off your boots (or flip flops) and move on. Most problems are people-problems. There are no perfect answers to problems we cause. Socialistic utopias don’t exist and everyone going viral would be a pandemic, not fame.

You are special because you’re you. The hard part is figuring out what to do with your uniqueness.

Think of three wildly successful people. Are they all superstars in the same way? Nope. Are they all rich and famous? I hope not. Success is the quality of your journey with Jesus Christ and fellow travelers, not the size of your bank account or number of Facebook fans.

God doesn’t care about those things. Seriously,  pour a cup of hot coffee or glass of sweet tea and ponder that a moment.

God cares about relationship. Most importantly, the one He has with you. If you’re confused about the next step in your search for answers or direction, begin there. If you’re still confused, contact me. Maybe I can help.

Everything that Matters is Personal

Do the folks you speak to listen? Successfully working with family, colleagues, clients (and horses) requires being other-directed, offering something of value, and creating personal connection. First, they have to  know you’re there, that you’re trustworthy, and believe you care.  Communication must be clear, concise, and simple.

Are you:

  • An aspiring Christian author struggling to begin?
  • A horse-owner with an uncooperative horse?
  • Caught between capitalism and Christ? 
  • An entrepreneur without a succinct mission statement? (A critical tool.)
  • Not sure what you want but know you haven’t got it?
  • Trying to move your horse ministry to the next level, but can’t get there?

Everyone has unmastered challenges. You know things I don’t, and I know a thing or two you don’t — and neither of us knows what we don’t know. I share my tools and insights to help Christian authors, entrepreneurs, and horse owners find clarity, establish goals, set strategies, and stay accountable to the message or purpose God gave them.

Staying on message is a daily discipline. I struggle the same way you do. Serving you helps keep me accountable.

My passion is working with capable, invested individuals and small groups. I’ve taught large seminars, spoken to a thousand people at one time, and judged horse shows in the US and Europe. It took me years to discover the formula for success. Let me help your path forward be smoother, faster, and more direct – while carefully stewarding your resources.

From Amazon footnote to best-selling author

In late 2016, after seven years of ministry, I was an Amazon footnote. Today I’m a multiple best-selling author and World and National Champion horse trainer and breeder. Before my horse career, I was a business consultant and motivational speaker. In other words, I’m a serial entrepreneur. That means I know how to set and achieve goals. My purpose is to help you so you can help others.  That’s the purpose of life. Some call it the Golden Rule. As a Christian writer, I know where it’s found in the Bible (Matthew 7:12).

For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more. – Luke 12:48

What do horses have to do with God, success, and relationship?

Unless you have one in the barn, horses are metaphor. They’re as simple and silly as three year old children but wise as Yoda. My husband nicknamed me the analogy queen because I have an illustration (analogy?) for everything. The book of Ecclesiastes is analogy. Or is it metaphor? Do you confuse illustration, metaphor, analogy, and allegory? I do. But let’s not sweat the small stuff. Analogy helps us grasp concepts without challenging our egos.

Aside from size, what’s the biggest difference between horses and people? Horses don’t lie to themselves or anyone else. They’re far more honest than we, but they also – Love. Mourn. Scheme. Frustrate. Delight. Pout. Rebel. Negotiate. Delight. Give up. Seek connection. And fear.

Fear is a biggie, if not the biggest biggie, for people and horses.

That’s what my work and books are about. Success. Communication. Love. Faith. And helping you face and overcome fears, achieve your dreams, and make your journey one of daily joy.

  • CHRISTIAN LIVING (in a post-Christian world): Encouragement. Bible study. Inspiration. Tips, strategies, tools, and encouragement for Christians facing daily distractions designed to tempt their toes off  the Narrow Path.

  • SUCCESS SKILLS: Tips and hacks for authors, entrepreneurs, and folks who just want to do better.

  • COMMENTARY: Catch-all category. Sometimes humorous, sometimes cultural.

  • GOSPEL HORSE: Horse training, information, inspiration, and everything else horse-related. Based on simple Gospel principles.

  • BOOK REVIEWS: Lynn’s reviews of books that may interest you.


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