Learn to build relationship joy, a simpler life, bolder vision, and greater faith with God, horses, and those you love –

(even when it’s tough.)

Born into an enslaved family in 1867, African-American Sarah Breedlove married at age 14 to escape family violence. Left a widow with two children by age 20, her first job as laundress paid less than a dollar a day. Married and divorced from her third husband, Sarah (now Madam C.J. Walker) became the first female self-made millionaire in the United States.

Sarah had severe scalp and skin ailments from harsh soap ingredients. She developed remedies to solve her problems then made them available to other women with similar challenges. Sarah learned to sell locally then by mail order. She opened her own production facility and created an empire. As part of her sales force, Madam Walker taught 20,000 women to teach, sell, and run their own business.

Once Sarah learned how to achieve success she shared her knowledge. The secret was sharing her path of empowerment with others. Some call that discipleship.

From Amazon footnote to best-selling author

In January 2017, after seven years of ministry, I was an Amazon footnote. Today I’m a best-selling author. That means I know how to set and achieve goals. I help folks achieve their dream goals so they can help others do the same. That’s the purpose of life. Some call it the Golden Rule. As a Christian writer, I know where it’s found in the Bible (Matthew 7:12).

Simple gospel principles provide guidance, wisdom and assurance to all honest seekers. Stewardship – properly investing resources – is a divine directive. Time, energy, passion, knowledge, and finances require conscious management. The quality of your life depends on stewardship decisions.

For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more. – Luke 12:48

My goal is to help you achieve yours. I want to be like Sarah Breedlove. What about you? 

Everything that matters is personal and tied to relationships

Are you plagued with relationship trouble? Most of us are. Whether your biggest relationship challenge is with God, a horse, or someone else – the reasons relationships fail and succeed are the same.  Relationships are frustrating, elevating, constructive, rewarding, and heart-breaking. Why do some work out and others don’t?

You can learn to improve the quality of your relationships and increase your goal win-ratio using simple gospel principles. No matter your story, these eternal truths apply because the cast of characters never changes. God is God. Folks are folks. Horses are horses. 

Life is sterile, boring, and meaningless without others. The whole deserted island thing might sound tempting in a particularly harried moment, but solitude gets old, lonely, and scary pretty fast. So, we struggle with relationship.

Everyone has unmastered challenges. You know things I don’t and I probably know a thing or two you don’t — and neither of us knows what we don’t know. I’ll share my tools and insights to help you realize dreams, resolve past failures, confront fears, and find the peace and joy Christ promises to each of His children. We’re in this together because sooner or later every relationship gets messy and confusing, whether you’re relating to a human, horse, or God.

What do horses have to do with God, success, and relationship?

Unless you have one in the barn, horses are metaphor. Got kids? Horses are as simple and silly as three year olds. They’re also wise as Yoda. My husband nicknamed me the analogy queen because I have an illustration (analogy?) for everything. The book of Ecclesiastes is an analogy. Or is it metaphor? Do you confuse illustration, metaphor, analogy, and allegory? I do. But let’s not sweat the small stuff. Keep the main thing the main thing.

What’s the main thing? There are two, (1) Communication and (2) Commitment.

Communication and commitment provide the foundation and predict your success or failure in everything. Simple? Hardly. If you want to build stronger bonds with God, client, friend, horse, co-worker, or family member this is where you begin. Honesty is critical. That’s where analogy enters the equation. It allows us to grasp concepts without challenging our ego or self-esteem.

Aside from size, what’s the biggest difference between horses and people? Horses don’t lie to themselves or anyone else. They’re far more honest than we, but they also – Love. Mourn. Scheme. Frustrate. Delight. Pout. Rebel. Negotiate. Delight. Give up. Seek connection. And fear.

Fear is a biggie. It’s also a biggie, if not the biggest biggie, for people.

That’s what my books are about. Success. Communication. Love. Faith. And helping you make your journey one of daily joy.

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This seems like an appropriate place for a short bio. If you’re still curious, click over to the About Lynn page.

Christian Author Lynn Baber

In 1990 I left the board room for the barn, leaving behind a career as a business consultant and motivational speaker. Success as a World and National Champion breeder, trainer, judge, and expert witness added to my professional credentials.

Do you aspire to greater success or blessings? Both are rewards of correctly applying simple gospel principles to your relationships with God, horses, and one another. Conceptual and practical how-to’s of applying simplicity to relationships are found in my books and videos. Whether your challenge has two legs or four, the basics of moving forward in love, promise, and victory are the same and discoverable in God’s Word.

I’m a horse professional turned writer, not a writer who took up horses. Truth sells itself. It took decades to develop my horse skills but I proved they work. God’s Word proves itself. There will never be a Nobel Prize for literature on my shelf next to bronze horse trophies, but that’s not what’s important. My horses don’t care about trophies and God expects me to get the message right, not dazzle as a wordsmith. But I keep working on it…

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Trivia: I wore this brown cowboy hat in 1984 when I married Mr. Baber. It’s still my go-to felt with the practical addition of stampede strings.

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