God’s Word tells us who He is and who we are in relationship to Him and to everyone else. It also tells us the consequence of being out of right relationship. Everything of value is tied to connection and relationship. When you’re not precisely where you want to be, it’s time to examine connections.

Are you over-committed or under-productive? Confused or frustrated with your life, relationships, business, or horse? Have you lost your joy? Are you off track but aren’t sure how or when it happened?

Discover how you can wake up in the morning with joy instead of your usual didn’t-get-it-all-done-again hangover. Would you like to grab the mail, open social media, or respond to text messages with anticipation instead of apprehension?

Achieve relationship connections decorated with meaningful communication and shared moments of fun or faith. Walk your narrow path with confidence, knowing that you’re living as God intended, doing as He wills, and reaping the peace and blessing that comes from transformational relationship with Jesus Christ.

Make your experience, age, and wrinkles work for you. Learn to run your life instead of it running you!

I work with capable, committed, Christian women of a “certain age.” If you’d like to communicate with me, CLICK HERE. Let’s talk or correspond. You’ll receive guidance, options, or prayer producing practical or spiritual insight or objectivity. God’s Word is the source of all truth. Jesus promises peace and joy today. Maybe all you need is a bit of new perspective, direction, or affirmation.

And I appreciate questions or hearing your words of wisdom. Share!

No cost or obligation!

Do you wonder where you went? Age and experience makes us bolder and more confident or less secure and indecisive. No one’s plans work out all the time. Decisions you made years ago may deliver consequences today. You don’t look the same, feel the same, or move like you used to. That’s all manageable and (often) improvable. But the foundation of all peace, joy, fulfillment, and service is the relationship you have with Jesus Christ.

How are you and Jesus getting on today?

The world seeks to add layers of complexity to your life. The gospel conveys simple messages of faith, order, obedience, and right relationship. Sometimes your worst relationship is the one you have with you!

I help people create change, one relationship at a time – while glorifying God.

How did I learn about victorious living? From experience and God’s grace. It’s that simple. The reason for my achievements in business and life is that God had a plan. This website, my books, and helping you is part of His plan. God is good that way!

You could say I’m the poster-child for “There but for the grace of God, go I.”

How does this work?

I ask questions, connect the dots you’ve collected over months and years, and help you simplify the process of funneling them toward an intentional goal. I’ll ask you to tell me what you want, think you want, and what isn’t working. The result is clarity, and reducing angst to action items you can tick off when completed (with great satisfaction and a little flourish if you’re anything like me.)

Answering questions reveals more about what you want and are willing to do to get it than any other program, from meditation to self-directed study.Private consulting/coaching is available on the telephone or internet. There are options to continue working with me as a client. But let’s visit first.

Equine-related services

  • Individual equine sessions in Weatherford, Tx.  
  • Customized buddy-lessons or group clinics (ground work or mounted.)
  • Consulting on the design of equine facilities and barn/house combos.
  • Have a big horse problem and need an intervention? Contact me to talk about solutions.

I help horse owners deserve the trust they ask their horses to place in them. I teach worthy leadership that leads to amazing partnership with horses or anyone else. Every concept is found in God’s Word. That’s why it works.

For pricing or other arrangements, please ask.

May all your relationships be blessed!