The greatest lie ever told is that everything is all about you. What could be more important than what you think, feel, want, or believe?   

The answer to that question for many people is, “Nothing!” That’s the problem.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the sole subject of the Bible. From creation to Abraham, Egypt to Bethlehem, and Calvary to the New Jerusalem, everything was, is, and will be about Jesus. Jesus of Nazareth is absolutely God or He is not. Jesus is a real flesh-and-blood human who was born into the world from outside of the world. He walked dusty roads, thirsted, wept, and loved His mother.

“In the beginning, God…” It was God and the Word. I know it wasn’t me and I doubt it was you.

Jesus was born, died, was resurrected, ascended, and lives forever in glory. Jesus is alive and He is coming back. There is only one Jesus who can save you. Jesus is Immanuel, God with us, who has spoken to us about Himself. This Jesus is one with God the Father.

Which Jesus is the Right Jesus?

Who is this “jesus” we hear so much about today who loves all, judges none, and rejects definitions and standards? At best, this jesus is a humanist fabrication and at worst a demon in shepherd’s robes. This convenient jesus is led about like a lapdog, dressed in whatever costume persuades or misleads the uninformed or the gullible.

It is this jesus that artists malign and social progressives quote. There is only one Jesus. Any preaching or teaching about some jesus that contradicts the Bible is not Jesus, but only a puppet-jesus with no power to save.

Your eternity was purchased by the blood of the Jesus who is not conflicted about abortion, creation, human nature, biology, or truth.  This Jesus hung on a cross. This Jesus won victory over death. This Jesus prepares a place in eternity for His own. Some will spend eternity with this Jesus; others will spend eternity with only their imaginary jesus for company.

Where will you spend eternity?

It doesn’t matter what you believe at your last breath unless what you believe is true. The lies of the world have no power in eternity. There is only one source of Truth. It not only matters why you believe, but what you believe.

Regardless of what end time theory you prefer, each passing day clearly brings us closer to the return of Jesus Christ. It matters if what you believe is true.

Jesus is precisely who God’s Word says He is – or He has no power to save.

Reasonable and educated people don’t all agree with that simple declarative statement. The law of our land has systematically rejected the subject of God’s Word for more than a half-century. The Jesus described in God’s Word is being removed from our land as surely as Civil War relics. And largely for the same reason:


We have all been deceived. What matters today is that we recognize and reject darkness by embracing the Light of Christ.

God and evil share no common ground. How have we been deceived, and what fuels the malignancy spreading throughout every aspect of life? Too little Light or too much darkness? What’s the remedy?

If you’re new to the subject, check out Rapture and Revelation, An Engaging and Timely Challenge for Christians. Fill your oil reservoir to keep your lamp burning until the bridegroom appears.

Ready for a bigger challenge? Fifteen Minutes into Eternity, The War Between the Human Spirit and the Holy Spirit exposes the massive deceit masquerading as truth with history, facts, and science. Best-selling author Lynn Baber, presents explosive evidence of wide-spread delusion among 21st-century Christians. Would you fall to the same temptation Satan offered Adam and Eve? Many eat forbidden fruit today, confident they make the right decision.

What do you think when Christian pastors preach against the Word of God as you know it? Did the Supreme Court really rule Jesus illegal in the USA? Why does the law require Christians to make wedding cakes for same-sex marriages, but exempt Muslim bakeries?

Delusion separates us from Eternity with Christ and from one another. Be ready. Be armed. Look for the Light!