Almost twenty-five years ago, Clint Haverty gifted me with a piece of advice that I’m sharing (for the umpteenth time) in Simplicity Note #6. Riding with this multiple World and National Champion horseman was special enough without any whipped cream. When I told him I preferred training horses to training their owners he recognized my naiveté and showered me with wisdom:

“You learn more from teaching than any other way.”

Clint understood the profound simplicity conveyed in those nine words, I wasn’t as certain, but I took his advice. My view of training owners and human students changed. My career blossomed. I became a better trainer and judge.

Effective teaching requires mental organization and clear communication. The teacher becomes aware of the how, the why, and the why not.

For years I trained horses reflexively, I did what needed to be done and didn’t think more about it as long as the result was correct. Now I know the foundation, inspiration, and goal of every word, gesture, or movement.

I love teaching.  I learn from the process and the people and animals I work with.  Opportunities to teach are gifts of mutual benefit.

Discipleship is the process of teaching others what you know so they can do the same. It’s a chain of wisdom. There’s always someone who knows more than you and someone who knows less.

That’s how I feel about aspiring writers. The more I share the more I learn! There’s no product or sales pitch attached. My compensation is what I learn from doing.

If the subject is horses or relationship, read one of my books or book a session/lesson. You’ll discover something new and so will I.

Regardless of topic or skill, true mastery is an illusion until you teach.

Can I get a witness?

Let him who is taught the word share in all good things with him who teaches. – Galatians 6:6