"Seek first the kingdom of God."

My personal ministry serves all who pursue intimate, personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. From faithful living to shepherding a congregation, or writing a book to bringing the face of Christ into the marketplace, I offer resources, encouragement, and motivation through books, articles, videos, and 1:1 conversation.

"Give it away"

The Holy Spirit first called me to ministry with the command, “Give it away.” Our non-profit ministry operated for years by giving away every service and resource while never asking for anything in return. 

In 2022, the call to simplicity came again. 

I no longer charge for 1:1 coaching, but ask for a modest booking fee because it motivates people to show up and invest in the process.

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Work With Lynn 1:1

  • Finding Soul Rest
  • Managing Stress
  • Stewardship
  • Discipleship
  • Leadership
  • Managing Conflict
  • Connecting With Horses
  • Mission Clarity

Nothing changes until you do. Doing the right “next best thing” can be overwhelming when there are too many options, you hear a choir of different opinions, or you must balance competing goals.

Perhaps I can help you simplify the process and move forward with godly wisdom and confidence based on simple gospel principles.

Confidential, conversational, safe.  

There is no charge for service, just a $25 booking fee to reserve the time.

What Folks Say About Lynn

"Lynn has a gift for asking questions that crack the window and let in the light. I appreciate so much that she didn’t do the heavy lifting for me but let me piece things together in a way that made sense to me so that I could lift myself out of a dim and confusing place." 
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"I've never heard what I thought were complex biblical concepts expressed so simply."
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"Lynn has no hidden agenda and shares everything she knows without requiring me to do anything but answer questions and make simple decisions. It's brought clarity, shifted my thinking in positive ways, and I don't stress as much."
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Invite Lynn To Speak At Your Event

From training horses to leading organizations, Lynn knows that success in anything stands on the quality of your relationships. Everything of value is personal because God is personal.

Lynn uses simple gospel principles to empower, educate, encourage, and inspire audiences to maximize relationships with God, family, clients, community, and even horses. 

She is available for virtual programming or in person on a limited basis.

More Feedback About Lynn

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