"All business is personal."

Every audience and client receives an affordable Just-For-You experience. Coaching clients enjoy a safe, creative space to let God’s plan shine through. You’ll find options here to help you move forward plus a variety of speaking or workshop possibilities. Not seeing what you need? Drop me a note!

What Clients Are Saying

Invite Lynn To Speak At Your Event

From training horses to leading organizations, Lynn knows that success in anything stands on the quality of your relationships. Everything of value is personal because God is personal.

Lynn uses simple gospel principles to empower, educate, encourage, and inspire audiences to maximize relationships with God, family, clients, community, and even horses. 

She is available for virtual programming or in person on a limited basis.

Speaking and Seminar Topics

Savvy Kingdom Leadership With Simple Gospel principles

Kingdom leaders are effective and reflect the characteristics of Jesus Christ using simple gospel principles. Learn what they are and how to apply them.

Relationships determine success

Success in anything stands on the quality of important relationships. Timeless secrets and how to be among the few who use them well.

Straight Talk About Being An Author

Discover what it takes to be a working author in today’s marketplace. For aspiring and published authors .

Unhackable Vision — Taking Back Control

Hacked by distractions, time challenges, and confusion? Learn how to get control and boost productivity.

Living The Dream With Horses

From celebrating the love of horses to the business of horses, Lynn will prepare unique content for your group or needs.

Customize Your Experience

Let Lynn create a program to meet the specific needs of your group. Bible study, horse groups, or leadership conferences.

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