"All business is personal."

Every audience or client receives an affordable Just-For-You experience. Coaching clients enjoy a safe, creative space so God’s plan for them shines through. You’ll find options here to help you move forward plus a variety of speaking or workshop possibilities. Not seeing what you need? Drop me a note!

What Clients Are Saying

3 Ways To Work With Me

CHOOSE A Coaching Package or DESIGN One Specific To Your Needs

Unlock Your Potential

This package is the perfect introduction to coaching with a series of three sessions and
exercises to precisely define your goal, boost your confidence and productivity, and deliver an
action plan in just thirty days.

Clarify Your Purpose

This 90-minute brainstorming and action session is a clarity call on steroids. If you’re stuck and tired of it, or need more clarity before making an important decision, select this option to manage or eliminate today’s challenge.

Release Your Power

Are you ready to tackle your goal head on and close the gap between Vision and Victory? This
package offers my full support for twelve weeks plus lifetime access to a program I consider a
total game-changer.

Invite Lynn To Speak At Your Event

From training horses to leading organizations, Lynn knows that relationship and goal success comes from working in God’s vision, perspective, and plan using simple gospel principles.

Lynn shares messages and training to empower, educate, encourage, and inspire audiences through clarity of mission, identifying the reasons why folks get stuck, and providing tools to move forward with increased effectiveness and productivity. Her signature message both identifies and offers the solution to a stumbling block everyone faces but seldom recognizes. 

Her favorite audiences are packed with teachers, leaders, ministry workers, authors, creatives, or young people about to embark on their careers. She is available for virtual programming or in person on a limited basis.

How can she help you offer value and growth to your faith-based group or event?

Speaking and Seminar Topics

4 Ways To Get Your Dream Back on Track

There are four basic ways we sabotage our dreams or visions. Discover what they are and how to get back on track and closer to the finish line.

Make Your Brand Work For You, Not Against You

Every organization and person has a brand. Learn to manage yours for maximum effect or profitability. Custom content for each audience.

Straight Talk About Being An Author

Discover what it takes to be a working author in today’s marketplace. For aspiring and published authors .

Unhackable Vision — Taking Back Control

Hacked by distractions, time challenges, and confusion? Learn how to get control and boost productivity.

Living The Dream With Horses

From celebrating the love of horses to the business of horses, Lynn will prepare content for your group or needs.

Customize Your Experience

Let Lynn create a program to meet the specific needs of your group.

Stay connected for the latest articles, opportunities, and ongoing support as you move your vision closer to the finish line.

Plus, you’ll receive a complimentary copy of “Discover Vision Casting.”