Easy-to-read study of God’s Word providing context for real world events, social conflict, systemic false-teaching, and the internal struggles every man, woman, boy, and girl faces in a world denying Truth.

Christian pastors no longer preach the same gospel. Bible translations no longer agree on the very basics of faith. Much of the New Testament warns agains false preaching. Common sense tells you that something is gravely wrong in the world.

Most people harbor doubts, particularly the kind they’re afraid to speak aloud. Readers aren’t told what to believe, but challenged to admit why they believe as they do. Some folks aren’t sure what they believe. Even if yours are immovable, do you know how you acquired them? Did you adopt your family’s faith? The doctrine of a denomination? The creed of an independent church?.

Every system of beliefs insists it is founded on truth. That can’t be true or we wouldn’t be in the mess we are. Simple, conversational, yet direct and highly relevant. Take the challenge presented in this book. Share it with your family.

Are you ready?

NOTE: If you’re ready for more, Fifteen Minutes into Eternity was written so you can move from the end of this book to the beginning of the next without skipping a beat. But be prepared, there’s more meat and deeper challenges as the discussion on eternity continues.

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