Simplicity Post #2 – Why “In the beginning” Really Was the Start of Something Big

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The Bible begins and ends in the same way – a new heaven and new earth. From Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21, the subject never changes. The story of God’s Word is Jesus Christ. Of course, no great story teller would give away the end of the tale in the second sentence. Foundations and back story need to be laid…


When God Answers Prayer With, “Get it yourself.”

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Has God ever responded to a prayer with complete silence? Or, “Get it yourself”? Most days I see (or receive) dozens of prayer requests. Each one is considered, and I offer prayer for everyone who asks me personally. I’ll admit, I don’t always pray for God to answer the specific request with a “Yes.” Asking God for mercy, comfort, grace,…


Simplicity Note #1 – The Most Basic of all Basics

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What’s the most basic concept you can think of? Some folks might say it was family first, following the Ten Commandments, or responding to everyone we meet with love. Those are all good things, but they’re not the most basic. Every life, story, movie, day, or lesson has a beginning. There has to be a point where it starts. Squabbles…


The Greatest Lie Ever Told and the True Identity of Jesus

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The greatest lie ever told is that everything is all about you. What could be more important than what you think, feel, want, or believe?    The answer to that question for many people is, “Nothing!” That’s the problem. The Lord Jesus Christ is the sole subject of the Bible. From creation to Abraham, Egypt to Bethlehem, and Calvary to…


God’s Quirky Sense of Humor – When your grand mission in life is unexpected, sometimes you laugh.

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I practice daily humility moments. They’re gonna happen anyway, so my plan is beating humility to the punch so the blow is minimally invasive. Whenever I’m tempted to think I’m spiffy, I remember what happened the morning God introduced the concept of ministry. Doesn’t everyone want to know God’s grand purpose for his or her life? Before my first book…


Simplicity maintains marketing momentum – Are you super easy to do business with?

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Several years ago my husband and I were hot to vote on a local school bond issue. In our community, 20 votes can swing an election and we were adamant to get our votes counted. We got it done, but it wasn’t easy. The usual polling place had plenty of signs, so we parked the car. The door was locked…


What Happened When I Forgot that the First Step in Remodeling is Demolition

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Remodeling is messy. Living through the destruction of what was, on the way to something better, is hard. Sharing the journey creates memories, inspires discussion, and strengthens (or weakens) relationship with our companions in the debris field. Life leads to one fork in the road after another. Sometimes the choice is between laughter and annoyance. I recommend laughter. The bathroom…


Compliments are Nice – Criticism can be a Badge of Honor

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Expect criticism. Some of it sharp. Welcome it! I posted a review of Lies We Believe About God, the book where the author of The Shack explains his theology. Well, not so much his theology as much as apologizing for God’s poor communication in the Bible. The next morning I received notice of a one-word reply: HATER. Curious. It must be a horrible…


Bjorn Borg Proves the Blessings of Trials and Obstacles

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In 1974, tennis great Bjorn Borg, barely 18 years old, became the youngest man to win the French Open title. As a very young man he won both the French Open and Wimbledon in three consecutive years and three Grand Slams without losing one set.      “I feel sad for Bjorn Borg,” I said at the time.      “Why?…


Introducing the Dreaded Fly Spray to a Horse – VIDEO

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Fly spray is an absolute horror for many horses and their owners. This short video shows you an immediate solution for flies and the method to properly introduce sprays (and lots of other things) to spooky or anxious horses. The system is the right one for any horse. Bomb proof horses are made from experience. Horses that don’t trust you…