Expect criticism. Some of it sharp. Welcome it!

I posted a review of Lies We Believe About God, the book where the author of The Shack explains his theology. Well, not so much his theology as much as apologizing for God’s poor communication in the Bible.

The next morning I received notice of a one-word reply: HATER.

Curious. It must be a horrible misunderstanding, right? I don’t hate anyone or anything – except maybe beer. And I don’t hate beer itself, I just never want to taste or smell it again. (Long story.) And grasshoppers. I can’t think of any good grasshopper characteristics. Oh, and grass burrs. If I had to list how much I detest such things it would be, from most to least disgusting,

  1. Grass burrs
  2. Grasshoppers
  3. Beer

I’ve been cancelled from Christian broadcasts for being “too Christian.” Seriously. True.

I self-label as a Christian writer, yet have received negative feedback because something I wrote pointed back to “Jesus is the path to salvation” – like it was an unexpected detour from an otherwise pleasant visit. Another curiosity. (While we’re on the subject, did you notice the disclaimer on my Booklist page?)

Perhaps it’s odd, but I learn a lot from reading what I write or listening to how I answer questions. None of us know what we don’t know – and sometimes we don’t know what we do know.

I’m throwing this in because I was about to write the next sentence and went, “Whoa. I need to remember this.” Like it was a surprise. But it was.

Seek Criticism

Don’t be satisfied with compliments about your work; seek response and comment. The best market research comes from existing customers. Listen to the people who listen to you most.

Remember that Jesus Christ is a stumbling block. You can’t expect to float blissfully through life as a Christ-follower without somebody noticing and getting their back up about it.

Some criticism can be worn as a badge of courage. Satan doesn’t like challengers. So challenge him!

Today is a good day to begin.