Refine, Resolve, or Restate Whatever is Challenging You Today

A 90-Minute Clarity Call on Steroids — $175.00

If You’re Stuck, Confused, or Can’t Decide

If you’re ready to break through whatever is holding you back today, then this 90-minute brainstorming and action session is a clarity call on steroids. If you’re stuck and tired of it, or need more clarity before making an important decision, select this option to manage or eliminate today’s challenge.

Your Clarity Call Experience Includes:

A 90-minute Zoom session for immediate forward progress.

Clarity about the situation.

A hybrid consulting and coaching experience.

Identifying your options and your next best step.

The opportunity for additional consulting or coaching based on your needs and desires.

Why work with Lynn?

During her 40+ years in business, Lynn has offered consulting services, training, or support to a wide variety of business and ministry clients in projects including marketing, strategic planning, developing mission statements, resource management, staff development, branding, and site planning.

From authors to optometrists and non-profits to utility companies, Lynn brings an expansive skill set to consulting and coaching clients.

What Clients Are Saying

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

  • Should I sign this contract?
  • I don’t know how to price a product or service.
  • I have no clue what my next step forward should be.
  • Is this a business or a ministry?
  • I’m working furiously but not getting much done.
  • I have too many options to know which is best.
  • Is it time to hire someone to help me?
  • Is my website ready for prime time? 
  • How do I begin building an author platform?
  • I’m stuck between an old dream and a new one.
  • Social media: which expert do I listen to?
  • How much should I invest in my book/song project?
  • Do I really know enough about what I do to establish a brand?
  • I’m so busy that I’m losing my connection with God.
  • What was I thinking?

Don’t stay stuck. Be bold. Take back control and move forward now

If you’re stuck or need clarity on what to do or when to do it, book a 90-Minute Clarity Call with Lynn.


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