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Falling into Temptation – Why Christians Choose to Enter the Darkness

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The best of intentions can lead to ruin. No wonder it’s said that the path to hell is paved with them. There’s only one reason a Christian should ever cross over into darkness. Sadly, it’s seldom the one offered.This quick video explains how temptation affects even the most dedicated, and the one good reason to leave the Light.    …


Apologetics and Scientific Debate – Where did you really come from?

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Do science and God’s Word butt heads as much as you’re led to believe? How was the earth created and where did mankind really come from – the hand of God or a long line of pre-human ancestors not yet discovered? Do you really know? Most of us won’t be called upon to defend God’s Word. But just in case,…


Darwin’s Theory and The Cross of Christ – A different perspective

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There are numerous theories about the age of the earth and the role of humans relative to the rest of nature. Christ-followers know God’s Word is true, but sometimes the science-types appear to make good points. Even if you’ve never wondered (even just a little) your children may have asked how what they learn in school jives with what you…


Do These 3 Things to Claim Peace and Joy Today

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I crave clarity. It makes life simple, joyous, and 95% of decision-making easy. Someone said that we tend to find the things we search for. Whether the search is for answers or excuses, we find them. These 3 simple actions produce the peace and joy Jesus promised. It can be ours today, but we have to search for it. Want…


When God Answers Prayer With, “Get it yourself.”

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Has God ever responded to a prayer with complete silence? Or, “Get it yourself”? Most days I see (or receive) dozens of prayer requests. Each one is considered, and I offer prayer for everyone who asks me personally. I’ll admit, I don’t always pray for God to answer the specific request with a “Yes.” Asking God for mercy, comfort, grace,…


The Greatest Lie Ever Told and the True Identity of Jesus

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The greatest lie ever told is that everything is all about you. What could be more important than what you think, feel, want, or believe?    The answer to that question for many people is, “Nothing!” That’s the problem. The Lord Jesus Christ is the sole subject of the Bible. From creation to Abraham, Egypt to Bethlehem, and Calvary to…


God’s Quirky Sense of Humor – When your grand mission in life is unexpected, sometimes you laugh.

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I practice daily humility moments. They’re gonna happen anyway, so my plan is beating humility to the punch so the blow is minimally invasive. Whenever I’m tempted to think I’m spiffy, I remember what happened the morning God introduced the concept of ministry. Doesn’t everyone want to know God’s grand purpose for his or her life? Before my first book…


What Happened When I Forgot that the First Step in Remodeling is Demolition

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Remodeling is messy. Living through the destruction of what was, on the way to something better, is hard. Sharing the journey creates memories, inspires discussion, and strengthens (or weakens) relationship with our companions in the debris field. Life leads to one fork in the road after another. Sometimes the choice is between laughter and annoyance. I recommend laughter. The bathroom…


Compliments are Nice – Criticism can be a Badge of Honor

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Expect criticism. Some of it sharp. Welcome it! I posted a review of Lies We Believe About God, the book where the author of The Shack explains his theology. Well, not so much his theology as much as apologizing for God’s poor communication in the Bible. The next morning I received notice of a one-word reply: HATER. Curious. It must be a horrible…


Bjorn Borg Proves the Blessings of Trials and Obstacles

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In 1974, tennis great Bjorn Borg, barely 18 years old, became the youngest man to win the French Open title. As a very young man he won both the French Open and Wimbledon in three consecutive years and three Grand Slams without losing one set.      “I feel sad for Bjorn Borg,” I said at the time.      “Why?…