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Do You Worry You’re Not Doing Enough?

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Like many of you, sometimes I wonder if I’m doing enough. For the Lord, for my family, for the horses, as a good steward, and as a writer. I haven’t posted much since the last newsletter. This month’s list of articles is uncomfortably short. Have I let you down? Shirked? What happened? Life. Fiction writers dream up stories, mysteries, and…


Can You Prove Christianity?

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“Is Christianity true just because the inerrant Bible says it is?” This is the central question in a June 2018 American Family Association Journal article by Dr. Frank Turek, apologist and Christian radio host. His short answer is, “No,” followed by hundreds of words explaining the “but.” I like this question better, “Is Christianity provable?” It’s simpler and delivers the…


Social Media Exposes the True State of the Heart

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Fifty years ago I was a figure skater. During a practice session, I landed a small jump just as another skater did hers. In case you’re not familiar with skating, jump take-offs are planned; landings are estimated. Our paths crossed, and my super-sharp skate blade lacerated her calf, leaving a scar. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, and neither she nor her…


The Truth about Truth

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The world is nuts. Maybe you’ve noticed. Nothing is simple. Everything is relative. Gender is uncertain and few agree on when life begins. Hogwash. It’s not that difficult. Eradicate the propaganda and deceptive voices and the truth becomes clear. The truth is constant. The truth is ageless. And truth determines your address in eternity. God is found behind one of…


Putting God’s Verbs into Action

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Guest post by my dear friend, Jo Passmore. When I was nine I became saved. The printed message that gripped me was one that spoke of Hell in no uncertain terms.  That kind of message isn’t in vogue today and few people understand the impact a pamphlet like that can have, especially on a nine-year-old. But the years that followed…


Rising Victoriously from the Ashes of Your History

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This is a guest post from my dear friend Jo Passmore. We’ve traveled years and miles together, both buffeted and blessed by the Lord. May her wit and wisdom help you rise from the ashes of your own history, stronger for the experience. Remember, God wastes nothing. Jo writes: I am sending a thought I had written quite awhile ago. I…


“Drinking from my Saucer” – Perfectly Simple Prayer of Gratitude

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An elderly man in a motorized chair sat at the head of the Thanksgiving table. Contentment wasn’t a gift he’d enjoyed in the first eighty-four years of life. He honestly could do almost anything. Name any skill – he probably had it. Which peeved a bunch of folks, and often left him a miserable person to be around. If he…


Social Security and the Mark of the Beast

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The day to step away from general society is nearer than I hoped. The world darkens by the hour. Is the mark of the beast real, symbolic, or allegorical? It must mean something significant, why else seven references to it in Revelation? In Matthew 5, Jesus makes clear that the Light we reflect into the world should be visible to…


Your Spinning Hamster Wheel – Addicted to Busyness

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My husband and I challenge one another, “If not now, when?” Most of us are speed freaks. I didn’t realize it. Now that I do, the fix isn’t as easy as I hoped. People are addicted to busyness and mental stimulation. Which may make us drug addicts. Seriously. Busyness increases adrenaline and video anything produces increased levels of dopamine. More…


Main Dish Beefy Mincemeat Recipe

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I don’t cook. Except mincemeat pie. And then only by request. Sharing the recipe is also at the request of a Facebook friend. Our mincemeat pie is more meat than mince. It’s for people who love a holiday flavor profile with their protein. It’s savory. Fruity. Beefy. It’s not often I’m asked for a recipe. Usually people offer me recipes…