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Tips, inspiration, information, and encouragement to bring every aspect of life into alignment with Christ. Create cohesive simplicity based on simple faith in God’s Word. Opportunities in stewardship: how to invest scarce resources wisely- time, energy, finances, and passion.

Simplicity Note #10 – Benefits of Failure and Observation

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Education always has a cost: time, pain, or cash. The degree to which we value something is tied to what it costs us to obtain. Value out = value in. The biggest lessons are often learned when we pay the biggest price. Failure is a waste of energy, time, or other assets unless we learn from it. So is spending…


Simplicity Note #7 – Less is More

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“Less is more” is usually associated with the idea of simple elegance. I have a particular passion for simplicity, so quote this often and might adopt it as my mantra. Although the quotation isn’t necessarily scriptural in all translations, the concept certainly is. “Less is more and more is less.” – Psalm 37:17 (MSG) The NKJV translates this verse as…


Simplicity Note #9 – What to expect when you ignore problems

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Few problems spontaneously fix themselves. Certain physical issues, like lacerations or sprains usually resolve themselves. Relationship issues, however, seldom resolve themselves without action. Ignoring destructive behaviors won’t make them go away. Whether horse or human, most undesirable actions originate in fear. Bullies don’t have amazing self-esteem and aggression isn’t the result of great confidence. Disrespect is a symptom of unhealthy…


Simplicity Note #8 – The Absolute Truth About Knowledge

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Popular psychologists, politicians, activists and academics preach that absolutes do not exist. Society is divided on every topic from ecology to abortion. If there is one thing most people absolutely agree upon, it is that there is no such thing as absolute truth. The major stumbling block about absolutes is the requirement that for anything to be absolutely right the…


Simplicity Note #6 – The Quickest Way to Master Anything

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Almost twenty-five years ago, Clint Haverty gifted me with a piece of advice that I’m sharing (for the umpteenth time) in Simplicity Note #6. Riding with this multiple World and National Champion horseman was special enough without any whipped cream. When I told him I preferred training horses to training their owners he recognized my naiveté and showered me with…


Simplicity Note #5 – “I’m okay, you’re horrible.”

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Most folks believe they’re good people, excusing failures because “I meant well.” After all, isn’t everyone an imperfect screw-up on occasion? No argument here. Everyone blows it. No one makes it from birth to death without making some seriously poor choices and hurting people they didn’t need to. “But, I’m really a good person!” Of course, you are! And so…


Simplicity Note #4 – Test the Spirits

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Do you ever wonder what gets into people? Whether it’s folks being interviewed on television, airing their oh-so important opinions, or raging against some imagined slight; you have to ask, “What causes such anger and delusion?” The Apostle Paul offers a great answer in Ephesian 6:12: For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,…


Simplicity Note #3 – Faithful Stewardship

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What do Bill Gates and Walmart greeters have in common? Limited resources. When’s the last time you said, “I don’t have time” to do something you wanted to do? Last weekend or ten seconds ago? Do you feel over-scheduled or under-productive? (Every hand in the room just shot up!) Let me share a little secret with you. Everyone has problems…


Simplicity Post #2 – Why “In the beginning” Really Was the Start of Something Big

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The Bible begins and ends in the same way – a new heaven and new earth. From Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21, the subject never changes. The story of God’s Word is Jesus Christ. Of course, no great story teller would give away the end of the tale in the second sentence. Foundations and back story need to be laid…


Simplicity Note #1 – The Most Basic of all Basics

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What’s the most basic concept you can think of? Some folks might say it was family first, following the Ten Commandments, or responding to everyone we meet with love. Those are all good things, but they’re not the most basic. Every life, story, movie, day, or lesson has a beginning. There has to be a point where it starts. Squabbles…