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Tips, skills, training, inspiration and encouragement to help you build transformative relationship with a horse, practice good stewardship, and walk more closely with our Lord Jesus Christ. Practical, conceptual, and points to ponder.

Pretty Doesn’t Ride

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Pretty alone doesn’t ride. Pretty isn’t a reliable indicator of ability, heart, character, or trainability. Neither is a great hip, but it’s a better bet than an attractive head if you want to do any of the funner things with a horse. Gallop across meadows. Chase cows. Climb mountains. Run fast and shoot balloons. Enjoy play days or competitions. As…


Every Horse Trainer is Guilty of This

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Horse trainers are human, falling into the trap of thinking we’re always right. Horses are an amazing gift from God. They treat us precisely as we deserve, unless they show us grace. Horses lift you higher than you can go on your own. They tattle on you when you lose concentration or react to changes you don’t know you make. …


Horse Trainers MUST Have This

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It takes a horse to train a horse. Not too difficult a concept, right? Yet many people spend endless hours searching out the latest greatest training methods or resources. Not a bad thing. But I know quite a few who invest more time reading about horses than spending time with one. Some folks spend hours watching videos, surfing the internet…


Learning About Christian Character from a Horse

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Everyone is wonderful some of the time. Few people are delightful all the time. Authentic character is expressed in hard times, not days of leisure. It’s easy to be kind and agreeable when circumstances are kind and agreeable. Apply the thumb screws and our true nature is revealed. Tribulation tears away the shroud of pretense. Gray horses played pivotal roles…


What To Do When You or Your Horse is Frustrated, Acting Out, or Emotional

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There are times in relationship when you must step back. Get hold of yourself. Return eyes of accusation from whomever is bugging you to the mirror – and settle. Horses push your buttons. Like people. Sometimes it’s purposeful, but it’s usually a simple emotional reaction to what’s happening. Telling your horse, child, friend, or acquaintance to “Trust me” is never…


Speed Control – How to Train Your Horse to Slow Down

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Bucking and bolting are always unwanted horse behaviors. No matter the reason, it’s not pretty when your horse pitches a fit or streaks off at warp nine. Speed control is a beautiful thing. Horses have to learn it. Which means you may have to teach it. This article explains how to teach, not how to rehabilitate horses with deeply ingrained…


5 Unbreakable Rules for Beginning Round Pen Training

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This 2015 video is the first time six-year old rescue horse, Journey, entered the round pen. He turned out to be the most dangerous horse I’ve worked with, and eventually the most responsive horse I’ve worked with. Training horses through relationship is a dance. You respond to what your horse does and he responds to you. Drafting a simple set…


The Upper Hoof – Who’s Top Dog in Your Barn?

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Who gets the upper hoof in your barn? Don’t tell me you’ve never been totally irritated by an equine bad actor.  “Why did you tear up your brand new blanket?” “How can you not know what I want??? You did this perfectly yesterday!” “Ow! Didn’t you see my foot before you decided to take up tap dancing?” “What are you…


“Fear not” – A Message for Times of Pain, Struggle, or Hopelessness

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Who could sing “Jesus Loves Me” when circumstances seem insurmountable and all hope is gone? Abandonment, pain, and constant tribulation often lead to resignation. “It’s over.” Curiously, resignation is seldom the end of the story. If you’re deep in despair today, this message is for you. If you’ve been there and returned, you may find it familiar. If so, praise…