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Speed Control – How to Train Your Horse to Slow Down

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Bucking and bolting are always unwanted horse behaviors. No matter the reason, it’s not pretty when your horse pitches a fit or streaks off at warp nine. Speed control is a beautiful thing. Horses have to learn it. Which means you may have to teach it. This article explains how to teach, not how to rehabilitate horses with deeply ingrained…


5 Unbreakable Rules for Beginning Round Pen Training

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This 2015 video is the first time six-year old rescue horse, Journey, entered the round pen. He turned out to be the most dangerous horse I’ve worked with, and eventually the most responsive horse I’ve worked with. Training horses through relationship is a dance. You respond to what your horse does and he responds to you. Drafting a simple set…


The Upper Hoof – Who’s Top Dog in Your Barn?

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Who gets the upper hoof in your barn? Don’t tell me you’ve never been totally irritated by an equine bad actor.  “Why did you tear up your brand new blanket?” “How can you not know what I want??? You did this perfectly yesterday!” “Ow! Didn’t you see my foot before you decided to take up tap dancing?” “What are you…


“Fear not” – A Message for Times of Pain, Struggle, or Hopelessness

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Who could sing “Jesus Loves Me” when circumstances seem insurmountable and all hope is gone? Abandonment, pain, and constant tribulation often lead to resignation. “It’s over.” Curiously, resignation is seldom the end of the story. If you’re deep in despair today, this message is for you. If you’ve been there and returned, you may find it familiar. If so, praise…


Simplicity Note #9 – What to expect when you ignore problems

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Few problems spontaneously fix themselves. Certain physical issues, like lacerations or sprains usually resolve themselves. Relationship issues, however, seldom resolve themselves without action. Ignoring destructive behaviors won’t make them go away. Whether horse or human, most undesirable actions originate in fear. Bullies don’t have amazing self-esteem and aggression isn’t the result of great confidence. Disrespect is a symptom of unhealthy…


When Riding Goals Compete with One Another – Choose Worthy Leadership

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Six weeks after my right knee was replaced I was ecstatic! For years I knew each ride could be my last. My new knee gave me the ability to do things I hadn’t done in years. Instead of moving away from riding, I was moving back. I considered new options, plans, and possibilities with excitement and gratitude. The photo above…


Introducing the Dreaded Fly Spray to a Horse – VIDEO

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Fly spray is an absolute horror for many horses and their owners. This short video shows you an immediate solution for flies and the method to properly introduce sprays (and lots of other things) to spooky or anxious horses. The system is the right one for any horse. Bomb proof horses are made from experience. Horses that don’t trust you…


Why passion fades – Horsemanship and Discipleship Failure

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There are a whole bunch of horse folks and groups committed to sharing their passion for horses with newcomers. There are a whole bunch of churches and ministries dedicated to evangelism; spreading the Word in order to bring the lost to Christ. Committed relationship with Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life and you can’t have a relationship with…


Is it ever okay for your horse to say “No”?

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Not long ago as I entered one of our local horse emporiums a clerk called out, “Lynn, can I ask you a question?” “Sure,” I replied. “How can I help?” She wasn’t sure how to interpret her young stallion’s response (or lack of response) from an encounter that morning. He was happily grazing in the pasture when she went to…