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Disclaimer: Everything I do or write is based on God’s Word. Lots of folks appreciate the facts, leadership, and horse information, but seem surprised when I mention Jesus. Just wanted to let you know in advance!

Gospel Horse Series:

Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace

Lessons in Leadership, Relationship, and the Power of Faith Inspired by the Love of God and Horses 

Gospel Horse Series – Book 1

Indulge yourself in this rich emotional banquet of all things horse.  

“Amazing Grays” takes you into the show pen as both judge and exhibitor, training arena, round pen, trail competition, mounted shooting events, and birthing barn. Discover precisely how horses capture the heart and reveal the promise and simplicity of relationship with God.



He Came Looking for Me – A True Story of Hope and Redemption

Gospel Horse Series – Book 2 

Experience this compelling and uplifting story of a real horse in desperate need of rescue. Co-written by Shiner and the one who found him. Discouraged? Hopeless? This message is for you.




Discipleship with Horses

Practical Guide to Using Obstacles, Exercise, and Simple Cues to Get the Results You Want

Gospel Horse Series – Book 3

Simplicity. Worthy leadership. Process. How-to building transformative relationship with your horse through precise communication and endless commitment. Concepts and step-by-step exercises.


Other titles:

Fifteen Minutes into Eternity – The War Between the Human Spirit and the Holy Spirit

Evil is good. Tolerance is Intolerant. Explosive evidence of wide-spread delusion among 21st-century Christians.

What do you think when a Christian pastor preaches against the Word of God as you know it? Did the Supreme Court really rule Jesus Christ illegal in the USA? Why does the law require Christian bakers to make wedding cakes for same-sex marriages but exempt Muslim bakeries?



Rapture and Revelation – An Engaging and Timely Challenge for Christians

Easy-to-read study of God’s Word providing context for real world events, social conflict, systemic false-teaching, and the internal struggles every man, woman, boy, and girl faces in a world denying Truth.

Christian pastors no longer preach the same gospel. Bible translations no longer agree on the very basics of faith. Common sense tells you something is gravely wrong in the world.


Available only in ebook format:

 The Art of Getting to YES – How Using Questions Correctly Inspires Action, Agreement, and Connection with Anyone

Do you consciously frame questions so the easiest answer is “Yes”?

Effective communication is hard. Concise effective communication is an art. For those who don’t have the gift, questions can even the playing field. That’s how questions became the foundation of the author’s career and inspired this short-read book.

People who ask brilliant questions are often more successful than people who give brilliant answers.

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Titles not presently available:

  • Amazing Grays Trilogy – Introducing the message and the messengers (2014, currently unavailable)
  • Christians and Politics in the 21st Century (2010, currently unavailable)
  • Christian Character (2010, currently unavailable)
  • No Matter What, Rejoice! (2010, currently unavailable)
  • The Art of Being Foolish Proof – the best kept secret of Customer Service (1989, out of print)
  • The Nitty-Gritty of Selling (1988, out of print)
  • The Small Business Guide to Hiring Good People (1987, out of print)